Authorities probe failed NASA rocket blast, ISS resupplied
Authorities probe failed NASA rocket blast, ISS resupplied

NASA authorities along with the Orbital Sciences Corp. on Thursday started investigating the reasons behind unmanned NASA rocket explode.

Orbital Sciences to launch next resupply mission to ISS on July 11

Orbital Sciences Corp has set July 11 as the next launch of their Antares rocket on the company’s second NASA-contracted resupply flight to the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA`s balloon technology to track planetary targets

Scientists who track planetary targets as they move in the solar system have a new device to carry out planetary observations.

NASA launches three US military rockets

Three rockets blasted off on Wednesday on secret missions for the US military, US space agency NASA said.

NASA succesfully tests hypersonic inflatable heat shield

A large inflatable heat shield to demonstrate how a space capsule can slowdown and protect itself while entering Earth`s atmosphere at hypersonic speeds has been successfully tested by NASA.

US launches five rockets to chart high-altitude winds

NASA launched five rockets early today to measure a high-altitude jet stream some 105 kilometers above the Earth`s surface.