Convicted Bangladeshi war crimes mastermind dies

Convicted war criminal Ghulam Azam, one of the most high profile leaders of Bangladesh`s largest Islamist party, has died.

Princeton professor calls Obama a ‘war criminal`

A Princeton professor has launched a withering attack on the White House’s covert drone program, by likening President Barack Obama to a “war criminal.”

African war criminal can stay in Britain

An African war criminal involved in the killing of civilians has been allowed to stay in Britain after he confessed to his crimes

Protester enters UK HC chamber; calls Blair a "war criminal"

Several protesters held placards outside the high court against Blair for his role in the conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan.

Gaddafi accuses Sarkozy of being `war criminal`

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi accused French President Nicolas Sarkozy of being a "war criminal" who had stained his country`s history.

Wanted Sudan war criminal given UN transport: Spokesman

Ahmad Mohammad Harun was taken in a UN helicopter to talks in Abyei region.

Serbian `war criminal` arrested in Spain

Spanish police have arrested an alleged Serbian war criminal known as the "Monster of Grbavica" and wanted for over 100 murders.

Lankan Prez `war criminal`, try him: Tamils

Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada have called for an international trial of the Sri Lankan President for allegedly ordering the killing of surrendering LTTE leaders during the ethnic war that ended in May.