Bangladesh observes silence over demand for war

Nearly 12 people were injured in violence as people across Bangladesh observed silence to express solidarity with young protestors demanding the execution of 1971 war criminals.

200 war criminals wander on British streets

There are over 200 suspected war criminals roaming around the streets of Britain, statistics have revealed.

Nearly 400 suspected war criminals living as ‘free birds’ in Britain

A UK Border Agency unit recommends action against suspected war criminals.

Israeli military condemns Web list of troops

Israel`s military on Friday condemned the publication of names and photographs of 200 Israeli soldiers on a website that called them "war criminals."

Hasina warns of conspiracy to scuttle trial of war criminals

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh
Hasina has warned of a conspiracy to scuttle the trial of "war
criminals" accused of genocide and those who sided with the
Pakistan Army during the 1971 `Liberation war`.

Bangladesh mourns martyrs; to begin trial of `war criminals`

Bangladesh observes its 40th Independence Day on Thursday, when it also sets in motion the trial of the "war criminals", the Islamist militia who killed unarmed civilians during the freedom movement.

Bangladesh to begin trial of war criminals early next year

Bangladesh has said it will begin trial of `war criminals` early next year. Those who killed unarmed civilians during the 1971 freedom movement are called war criminals in Bangladesh.