Faulty protocols behind live anthrax shipments to labs - Pentagon

The shipment of live anthrax spores to researchers in the United States and seven other countries was "a failure" that exposed "a major problem" in Defense Department handling of the deadly bacteria, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said on Thursday.

Sri Lanka body on war missing holds fresh inquiries

 A Sri Lankan Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed to look into complaints regarding people reported missing during the country`s civil war began holding fresh inquiries on Saturday.

IS ahead in turf war with Al Qaeda: US
IS ahead in turf war with Al Qaeda: US

 The Islamic State is beating Al Qaeda at being the world`s leading terrorist group, says the US State Department.

Turf war between IS, Taliban escalates in Afghanistan

 Islamic State militants have executed three fighters accused of defecting to the Taliban as a brutal turf war escalates between the rival organisations in Afghanistan.

Bombings, war, disease as Yemen marks start of Ramadan

War-torn Yemen began marking the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan Thursday after a wave of Islamic State group bombings, with little hope of a ceasefire and a worsening humanitarian situation.

Israel probe says Gaza war actions `legitimate`, `lawful`
Israel probe says Gaza war actions `legitimate`, `lawful`

Israel did not intentionally target civilians in fighting during the 2014 Gaza war, an inter-ministerial report concluded on Sunday.

Maimed in war, Ukraine rebels recover in Russia
Maimed in war, Ukraine rebels recover in Russia

Former Ukrainian rebel fighter Valery glances down at where his right leg should be as he confronts life`s new reality across the border in Russia. 

Ukraine says it may freeze debt payments to fund war

Ukraine`s premier warned Friday that Kiev would freeze its debt repayments if no immediate deal was found with private lenders because it had to fund its escalating campaign against pro-Russian fighters.

Over 20 million in war-torn Yemen need humanitarian aid: UNICEF

Eighty percent of Yemen`s population, or more than 20 million people, need some form of humanitarian assistance as Arab air strikes and civil war ravage the impoverished country, aid agency UNICEF said on Thursday.

Drugs, divorce and despair: Somalia's forgotten male war victims

Men in war-torn Somalia suffer high rates of drug addiction, divorce and mental illness, the World Bank said, urging donors to do more to support men and strengthen families.

Israel launches air strike on Gaza after militant rocket salvo

Israeli aircraft struck the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday in response to a rocket fired from the Hamas-controlled territory that hit southern Israel, the Israeli military said.

Arab war planes bomb Houthi positions throughout Yemen

Aircraft from a Saudi-led coalition bombed Yemen`s Houthi rebels throughout the country on Sunday, residents said, a day after border clashes killed a Saudi serviceman.

Indian Colonel injured in fresh firing in S Sudan identified

The Indian peacekeeper who was injured in fresh firing in the troubled Malakal region in South Sudan two days ago was today identified as Lieutenant Colonel Krovvidi Dinakar.

French soldiers stalked by invisible enemy in Mali

Based in Mali`s inhospitable northern desert, French troops are waging an attritional campaign against a ghost-like, invisible enemy -- a master in the guerrilla art of hit-and-run.

Dnipro Europa League campaign cheers war-torn Ukraine
Dnipro Europa League campaign cheers war-torn Ukraine

Just several hundred kilometres from their home stadium a brutal conflict has claimed thousands of lives, but now Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk have given war-wracked Ukraine a rare reason to cheer by reaching the Europa League final. 

Americans look skyward to remember war`s end in Europe

 Old soldiers squinted up at the brilliant blue sky Friday, remembering battles fought and comrades lost, as the United States marked the 70th anniversary of VE Day with a spectacular flyover of iconic World War II aircraft.

Exile or repression -- Russian opposition faces tough choice

 The slogans on the placards ranged from the innocuous to the obscure but the response from the Russian authorities was swift and harsh. 

Saudi-led air war in Yemen so far

 As a Saudi-led air war against rebels in Yemen enters its third week, the achievements -- and human costs -- of Operation Decisive Storm so far:Coalition fighter jets began bombing raids in Yemen on March 26 after anti-government forces seized large parts of the country -- including the capital Sanaa -- and approached the southern port of Aden, where embattled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi had taken refuge.

US' war on terror kills over 80,000 people in Pak: Report

 More than 80,000 Pakistanis, including over 48,000 civilians, have been killed in the decade-long US-led war against terror in the country, according to a new report.

440,000 Syrians besieged in `savagery` of war: UN

 About 440,000 Syrians are now trapped in areas besieged by fighting, more than double the total from last month, as the war reaches "breathtaking levels of savagery", UN aid chief Valerie Amos said Thursday.