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New early warning system can flag global financial crises

The study by experts at the University of Birmingham in the UK compared the new system against two recently developed methods using econometrics - the application of statistical methods to economic data.

UN proceeds with conflict zone flight plan despite Russian doubts

The United Nations aviation agency said at a major safety conference on Tuesday it will press ahead with plans to establish a warning system for airlines on conflict zone risks despite reservations from Russia.

New warning system to help detect `dangerous` asteroids

A 800-million-pound early warning system to find asteroids that are on a potential collision course with the Earth is set to be launched next month by European Space Agency.

Japan unveils new warning system to predict tsunamis

Two years after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that killed thousands, the country has unveiled an improved warning system that could have saved hundreds of lives.

Locust-inspired vision for car sensors could prevent crashes

Scientists have created a revolutionary technology inspired by locusts that could save countless lives by preventing car crashes.

New system could predict solar flares in advance

A new method could predict solar flares more than a day before they occur.

Captured `atmospheric signature of tsunami`

Atmospheric signature of tsunami has been captured which could soon lead to an effective early warning system.