China develops weapon that uses microwave energy

 China has developed a microwave-directed energy weapon that causes a burning sensation to its target, a media report said.

Pakistan detains 5 Thai nationals for travelling with a gun

Pakistani officials said Thursday they have detained five Thai nationals for trying to board a plane with a pistol and ammunition.

France delivered weapons to Syria rebels: Book

French President Francois Hollande admitted to delivering weapons to Syrian rebels in 2012 despite an embargo, according to a new book coming out in France this month.

DNA: The poignant photo of a Syrian girl surrendering to a camera

A poignant photo of a four-year-old Syrian refugee surrendering to a camera she faulted as a deadly weapon has went viral on social media.

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Ukraine Army, rebels miss deadline to start weapons pullback
Ukraine Army, rebels miss deadline to start weapons pullback

Ukrainian government troops and Russia-backed rebels failed today to start pulling back heavy weaponry from the front line in eastern Ukraine as a deadline passed to do so.

Milos Raonic starts new year with ace blitz
Milos Raonic starts new year with ace blitz

There are no real secrets to the success of rising tennis star Milos Raonic. The towering Canadian has a booming serve that is one of the most dangerous weapons in the game.

Young Jeezy arrested on weapon charge

Rapper Young Jeezy was arrested on suspicion of possessing illegal firearms following an investigation into a fatal shooting which took place at Wiz Khalifa`s concert recently.

India gave important weapon of ahimsa to mankind: Amitabh Bachchan

Wishing his `extended family` on social media a ‘Happy Independence Day’, megastar Amitabh Bachchan Friday said the country is on the "threshold of great success" and that it gave mankind the vital weapon of ahimsa or non-violence.

Guerrillas snatch security guard`s weapon in Srinagar

Separatist guerrillas Friday snatched the weapon of a guard posted for the security of a judge here, an official said.

Operation to destroy Syrian chemical weapons enters final phase

The international operation to destroy Syrian chemical weapons entered its final phase on Wednesday, as they were transferred by workers at an Italian port from a Danish freighter to a US military ship equipped to dispose of them.

Policeman shoots dead two in Argentina `massacre`

An off-duty police officer opened fire at a busy nightclub in Argentina, killing a police commissioner and one other and injuring 15, authorities said on Friday.

No impact on weapons system due to cyber hacking: US

The high-tech capabilities of America`s weaponry system have not been compromised due to the cyber hacking emanating from China, the Pentagon said.

Sandia Labs create `self-guided` bullet

Three years in the making, the bullet prototype represents another step toward a next-generation battlefield.

Iran claims it has produced laser-guided shells

Iran`s Defence Minister said, the shell was an "intelligent" munition with the capability to identify its own targets.

Engineering student found dead, murder suspected

A 24-year-old engineering student
was on Wednesday found dead under mysterious circumstances at his
farm house in Rajasthan`s Nagaur district, police said.

Antony for indigenous weapon systems

Defence Minister AK Antony asked the domestic industry to develop systems as per the country`s climatic conditions.

Bullet from Sarvar`s weapon killed Aman: Police

Denying charges that the death of
six-year-old boy, killed in an encounter in Pilkhulwa area
here, was not caused by police firing, the authority on Thursday
asserted that he died of the criminal`s bullet.

Thailand admits controversial weapon use

Thailand admitted using controversial weapons during a border clash with neighbouring Cambodia in February but insisted it did not classify them as
cluster munitions.

Russia`s new secret weapon... inflatable tanks

They may look like real
tanks and missiles, but some of the weapons in Russia`s
arsenal may not all be what they seem.

Israel: New weapon downed Gaza anti-tank rocket

A new Israeli weapons system knocked down a Palestinian anti-tank rocket in its first
combat test, showing off technology that could protect the heavy vehicles that have been the mainstay of the world`s ground forces for decades.