DNA: India showcases military might at R-Day parade

India's military prowess and the country's diverse cultural heritage were on display at the 67th Republic Day parade on the magnificent Rajpath boulevard in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Jan 26, 2016, 23:31 PM IST

China`s military parade to show off weaponry

China plans to show off a vast array of weaponry for the first time in a huge military show of strength next month to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Japan`s defeat in World War II, the country`s armed forces said Friday.

Aug 21, 2015, 17:37 PM IST

Iraqi leader asks US for more air power, weaponry

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel on Tuesday that his army is taking the offencive against the Islamic State group but needs more air power and heavy weaponry to prevail.

Dec 09, 2014, 19:52 PM IST

Keep defence forces modernised, well equipped: Punjab Governor

Expressing concern over the use of sophisticated weapons by terrorists, Punjab Governor Shivraj V Patil on Friday stressed on keeping defence forces modernised by equipping them with modern weaponry.

Jun 28, 2014, 00:04 AM IST

Rebels demand arms, no-fly zone from `Friends of Syria`

Rebel fighters appealed on Thursday to the "Friends of Syria" group which is to meet this weekend to provide them with heavy weapons so they can protect civilians and prevent a humanitarian disaster.

Jun 20, 2013, 20:39 PM IST

NSG procuring latest weaponry: Director

The elite counter-terror
force NSG is in the process of procuring a wide range of
latest weaponry and gadgets including door busters, taking cue
from its experience during the Mumbai terror attack.

Oct 16, 2009, 19:16 PM IST