Webcam spying case: Ravi apologises publicly for first time

Indian student Dharun Ravi, convicted of spying on his gay roommate who later committed suicide, has publicly apologised for the first time.

Dharun Ravi walks out of prison; won`t be deported

India-born student Dharun Ravi was released from a US prison on Tuesday after he completed 20 days of his month-long jail term.

`Don`t jail Dharun Ravi with rapists, murderers`

An Indian American student convicted of spying on his gay roommate with his webcam doesn`t deserve to be locked up with "rapists and murderers", a New Jersey judge said Wednesday.

Webcam spying: Dharun Ravi seeks probation

Lawyers for 20-year-old Dharun Ravi filed a sentencing brief today. His lawyers also asked the judge to overturn the conviction.

Defendant won`t testify in NJ webcam spying trial

The 20-year-old Ravi is charged with 15 criminal counts, including bias intimidation and invasion of privacy.

Webcam spying: Lawyers want 9 charges dropped

Defence lawyers have asked a New Jersey court to dismiss nine out of 15 criminal counts against Dharun Ravi, a former Indian American student charged with invading the privacy of his gay roommate.

Webcam spying case: Ravi invited friends for viewing party

Dharun Ravi had texted his high school friend
Michelle Huang that Rutgers University students were having a
"viewing party with a bottle of bacardi and beer" to watch his
roommate getting intimate with another man.