Agricultural insecticides dangerous for water bodies

Streams within approximately 40 percent of the global land surface are at risk from the application of insecticides, according to the first global map to be modelled on insecticide runoff to surface waters.

Madhya Pradesh: Engineering student develops equipment to wipe-off weeds

An engineering student in Madhya Pradesh has developed an equipment to wipe-off weeds without the usage of pesticides to help farmers.

Argentine scientist who challenged Monsanto dies

Dr Andres Carrasco, an Argentine neuroscientist who challenged pesticide regulators to re-examine one of the world`s most widely used weed killers, has died. He was 67.

Omar asks scientists to explore potential of Dal Lake weeds

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has asked scientists to explore the possibility of utilising the large quantity of weeds extracted from Dal Lake for generating energy.

Now, a pesticide-free way of killing weeds

It could be what gardeners have long wished for -- a gadget that kills weeds in a jiffy without requiring noxious pesticides.

Invasive weeds threatening India`s biodiversity

Toxic weeds, which came along with wheat that India imported over the last few years, now pose a serious threat to its crops, people and livestock.

Man busted with weed stuck to forehead

Police in central Pennsylvania say they`ve nabbed a real pothead.