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Davos elite see euro surviving, for now

Market doubts about the euro focus on Europe`s ability to rein in fiscal excesses at a time of slow growth and high unemployment, and a growing gap in economic competitiveness between northern and southern Europe.

Davos elite`s largesse fails to appease critics

Under-fire businessmen are falling over themselves in Davos to show how sharing and caring they really are as they try to repair the tarnished image of the privileged "1 percent" but their detractors remain unconvinced.

Davos man weighs future of capitalism

he Occupy movement, which went global after protests against Wall Street last year, is camping in igloos to bring its argument with the super-rich "1 percent" to Davos.

Davos needs to address uncertainty

Uncertainty about future growth prospects as a major driver of markets also correlates with other observations.