PM Narendra Modi condoles loss of lives in Tianjin blasts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed sorrow over the death and destruction caused by twin explosions at a warehouse in China's port city of Tianjin and conveyed his condolences to the bereaved families.

PM Modi thanks Chinese artists for gifting artwork on China visit

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday expressed his gratitude to two Chinese artists for presenting him with paintings and caricatures during his visit to China in May this year.

PM Modi's greetings to Li Keqiang goes viral in China

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s greetings to Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the 94th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s establishment has gone viral in China.

PM Modi greets Chinese Premier Li on birthday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday greeted Premier Li Keqiang on his 60th birthday, posting a message for the Chinese leader on his Weibo account.

PM Modi's selfie with Li registers 31.85 mn hits on Weibo
PM Modi's selfie with Li registers 31.85 mn hits on Weibo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's selfie with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, hailed by western media as one of the most "power-packed selfie", has got over 31 million hits on his account on Chinese social media Weibo.

Chinese praise PM Modi's Weibo account

Chinese netizens have praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative to open a microblog account on Weibo, China's popular social media network.

PM Modi joining 'Weibo' will send message of friendship to China: Expert

Shrikant Kondapalli, an expert on China, on Monday lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's move to join the Chinese social media platform 'Weibo', and said it would send a message of friendship to Beijing.

PM Modi's debut on Chinese social media platform 'Weibo' evokes mixed response
PM Modi's debut on Chinese social media platform 'Weibo' evokes mixed response

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who launched his Weibo account on Monday, received a blockbuster welcome on the social media platform, with users across India and China appreciating the move.

Chinese official under scanner for wearing designer belt

An official in China's Hunan province was placed under judicial investigation after a photo of him wearing a Louis Vuitton belt went viral on social media, authorities said on Saturday.

#Bendgate: Does the iPhone 6 Plus bend in pocket?
#Bendgate: Does the iPhone 6 Plus bend in pocket?

Some gizmo freaks who rushed to pocket the new iPhone 6 Plus when it was launched on Friday have been left perplexed after it was rumoured that the coveted gadget 'bends' out of shape if kept in a tight jeans/trouser pocket!

Chinese student 'rents out' girlfriend to pay for iPhone 6, but 'conditions apply'
Chinese student 'rents out' girlfriend to pay for iPhone 6, but 'conditions apply'

Apple fanboys and fangirls in China are willing to go any length to lay their hands on the coveted new iPhone 6.

Chinese actor Wen Zhang`s `affair` confession breaks social media records

Chinese actor Wen Zhang has broken social media records by apologizing for having an affair to his wife Ma Yili on Weibo.

China warns prominent Internet users over Kunming attack

Beijing police have told prominent users of the microblogging site Weibo to cease comments deemed hurtful, including suggestions that authorities misled the public with accounts of a deadly train station attack blamed on militants from Xinjiang.

Sex scandal involving Chinese legislator surfaces

A new sex scandal involving a Chinese legislator has surfaced after a woman posted a picture online alleging that he had an affair with her.

Anger most powerful emotion on social media

Anger is viral! Anger is the most influential emotion on-line inciting more responses than other sentiments such as joy or sadness, a new study has found.

China shuts online fan club for new first lady

An online fan club devoted to Peng Liyuan, the increasingly popular wife of new President Xi Jinping, was shut down by authorities, the South China Morning Post said.

Here`s how world uses social networking sites

A popular link-tracking service has revealed nine fascinating facts on how people across the globe use social networking site Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Beijingers turn to Weibo to beat floods

A group of people in Beijing have turned to Weibo, a social networking site, to help those stranded in floods.

Microblog use hampers work in China: Study

More than 50 percent of 500 office workers in Chinese business hub Shanghai have said their productivity goes down after using microblogs like Weibo during office hours, a survey has found.

China`s new microblogging rules to make Weibo more attractive

New real-identity rules to be imposed on China`s Weibo are likely to make the country`s most popular microblogging platform more alluring to advertisers.