`Chinese activist is in US protection in Beijing`

The United States has not provided any official confirmation of reports that Chen Guangcheng had fled into the US embassy.

Auschwitz visit `unforgettable, dark`: China`s PM

China`s Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said a visit to the Auschwitz death camp had left an indelible impression.

Dissident in US embassy? China declines comment

Chen Guangcheng had been restricted to his village home in Linyi in eastern Shandong province since September 2010.

China ups ante at T-shirts with Wen`s quotes

A Chinese online fashion retailer is being probed for promoting its latest T-shirts by cashing in on Prime Minister Wen Jiabao`s popularity.

China premier demands more anti-graft efforts

Wen Jiabao is demanding tougher anti-corruption efforts amid a huge political scandal over a now-suspended Politburo member whose wife has been named a suspect in the murder of a British businessman.

China’s PM demands more anti-graft efforts

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao`s message differed little from previous calls to fight endemic corruption.

Corruption could threaten power structure: China’s Wen

The latest statement from Wen underscores broader worry that corruption could hurt the legitimacy of one-party rule.

Military coup in China?

China has blocked all reports on the Internet that speculate an alleged attempted coup in the country.

Lack of reform may invite another Cultural Revolution: Wen

Wen said he would carry on his struggle
for reforms even after his retirement this year.

China to boost Army might to win `local wars`: Wen

From the border dispute with India to maritime tensions
with Japan, China has
diverse military issues in neighbourhood.

Rebellious Chinese village elects new leaders

Wukan village, which dominated the global headlines recently for revolting and driving out the previous leadership, elected a new village committee.

Tibetan "brothers" don’t back burnings: Chinese PM

At least 15 Tibetans are believed to have died from their injuries since March in protests against Chinese rule.

Canada `will allow export of uranium to China`

Canada produces about a fifth of the world’s uranium and exports more than 80 percent of its production.

Chinese PM bats for `voting rights` in villages

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is
batting for democracy at the village level and has called for
reform and opening-up of the closed society failing which it
would hit a "dead end".

China blocks rights lawyer from meeting Merkel

German diplomats from the embassy in Beijing had invited Mo Shaoping to a dinner with Angela Merkel.

China intensifies criticism of sanctions on Iran

A top Chinese newspaper said tensions over Iran`s nuclear program could stifle the global economic recovery.

China, Saudi Arabia pledge to promote exchanges

The cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia has been fruitful since the establishment of diplomatic ties 22 years ago.

‘Chinese Premier Wen set for brief Nepal visit’

Wen Jiabao will
pay a brief visit to Nepal on Saturday, after a planed tour last
month was abruptly postponed apparently over security

China set for `sweeping` leadership changes: Report

An official media report however did not confirm the widely held view that Vice President Xi Jinping would succeed Hu Jintao.

`China-Pak cooperation is the need of the hour’

Chinese PM has stressed that his country will continue supporting Pakistan’s efforts to maintain its sovereignty, independence.

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