Robots can now see through solid walls using Wi-Fi

Researchers have created a new technology that allows robots to look through solid walls using Wi-Fi signals.

New WiFi programme for colleges, varsities

The government is planning a new programme under which over 20,000 colleges and 600 universities will be WiFi-enabled, parliament was informed Wednesday.

Whatsapp could be banned in Saudi Arabia

Another popular Internet messenger service `Viber` was banned from the network due to non-compliance to the country`s rule.

Britain to ban porn from public Wi-Fi

Pornography is all set to be banned from Britain`s public Wi-Fi networks by the year-end, Prime Minister David Cameron’s children’s czar has announced.

Google offers free Wi-Fi in New York`s Chelsea area

Internet search giant Google has announced that it will offer a free wireless internet network in the Chelsea area of New York.

London Tube stations get WiFi access

More than 40 underground stations in London have been provided with WiFi access for the first time.

Good connection: London Tube get WiFi for Olympics

Now you definitely won`t miss your connection on London`s famous Tube network.

Secure your WiFi connection as terrorists may use it

One must secure his or her connection by keeping a password or any hacker can use it for wrong purpose, putting the subscriber in trouble.