Australia wildfires kill firefighter, raze two homes

A firefighter has been killed and at least two homes have been destroyed by Australian spring wildfires, officials said on Saturday.

Emergency declared in two California counties hit by wildfires

A state of emergency has been declared by the Governor of California in El Dorado and Siskiyou counties where wildfires have burned tens of thousands of acres, as per reports in foreign dailies.

Climate change could 'fundamentally alter' US forests

Wildfires, insects and drought are crippling forests in the western United States' iconic Rocky Mountains, scientists warned today, urging more efforts to stop global warming.

Australia firefighters start to gain upper hand

Firefighters in Australia took advantage of lighter winds on Friday to get on top of a nine-day bushfire emergency as officials said the military could be liable for compensation after starting one of the worst blazes.

Australia minister cites Wikipedia to dismiss bushfire-climate link

Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt has played down links between the country`s bushfire disaster and climate change after he "looked up what Wikipedia said".

Al Gore wades into Australia bushfire debate, slams Tony Abbott

Environmental activist Al Gore has likened Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott`s insistence that wildfires are not linked to climate change to the tobacco industry claiming smoking does not cause lung cancer.

Global warming linked to wildfires: UN climate chief

Wildfires are "absolutely" linked to global warming and increasingly intense heatwaves, the UN climate chief has said, as bushfires burned out of control in Australia.

Wildfires add more to global warming than earlier believed

A new study suggests that wildfires contribute more to global warming than it was earlier predicted.

Charcoal from wildfires pouring copiously into oceans via rivers

Wild fires not only destroy millions of trees each year but the residue is transported to the sea by rivers which penetrates the carbon cycle, a recent study has revealed.

Southeast Australia battles ‘catastrophic’ wildfires

Southeast Australia was bracing for "catastrophic" fire conditions in several areas amid frantic efforts by fire officials to douse wildfires spread across the region.

Wildfires darkening snowpack, increasing melting in Greenland

Satellite observations have revealed the first direct evidence of smoke from Arctic wildfires drifting over the Greenland ice sheet.

Wildfires kill 339,000 people per year: Study

Wildfires, peat fires and controlled burns on farming lands kill 339,000 people worldwide each year, said a study released that is the first to estimate a death toll for landscape fires.

Organic polymer protects burnt forest soil

Wildfires destroy forests and hasten erosion of the burnt soil which slows efforts toward its natural regeneration.

Wildfires likely to drive global warming

Fire, one of nature`s primary carbon-cycling mechanisms, will be driving atmospheric changes as the world warms.

Alberta town burns, wildfires shut oil facilities

Wildfires forced oil companies in Canada`s largest energy-producing province to shut off tens of thousands of barrels of output.

US: Colorado wildfires force hundreds of evacuations

Four wind-driven wildfires forced the evacuations of 271 homes in Colorado.

Climate change: `Wildfires burn fiercely`

Climate change is causing wildfires to burn fiercely, pumping more greenhouse gases into atmosphere.

Pentagon dispatches 3 aircraft to Israel wildfires

Pentagon is dispatching 3 military aircraft to help combat raging wildfires.

Israel battles forest fire, international help pours; 41 dead

Israeli firefighters struggled
to put out a massive blaze, till now 41 are dead.

Fresh wildfires destroy over 500 buildings in Russia

Russian President orders a minister to organise soonest rebuilding of houses.