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Uttarakhand forest fire under control, no death so far: Rajnath Singh

Uttarakhand forest fire under control, no death so far: Rajnath Singh

Home Minister Rajnath Singh denied reports of deaths due to forest fires in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand forest fire spreads, timber mafia's involvement suspected

Uttarakhand forest fire spreads, timber mafia's involvement suspected

The Union Home Ministry has sent a four-member expert team to Uttarakhand to look into the forest fires in the state.

Colombia declares red alert due to excessive heat

Colombia has declared a red alert in 20 provinces after high temperatures caused wildfires in different regions, the media reported on Monday.

Wildfires threaten California`s treasured Sequoias

Wildfires sweeping across California are threatening the US state`s famed Sequoia trees, with firefighters scrambling to protect the national treasures.

Severe wildfires threatening world's temperate forests

More extensive and severe wildfires and a myriad other threats, including diseases and longer, more severe and hotter droughts are threatening to transform some of the world's temperate forests, a study says.

Wildfires force new evacuation orders in Washington state

Emergency officials extended evacuation orders on Friday to additional towns threatened by a deadly array of wildfires in north-central Washington state as dozens of blazes swirled across the drought-parched Pacific Northwest and surrounding regions. 

US military deploys troops to help in California wildfires

 The US Army is sending hundreds of troops to help tackle wildfires raging across parched California, authorities said Tuesday, while also warning of the growing risk posed by drone pilots flying over affected areas.

Hundreds of firefighters battle wildfires in Portugal

Some 500 firefighters as well as eight planes and six helicopters were deployed in Portugal Sunday to battle four forest fires raging in the north of the country, authorities said.

Weather provides some help to California firefighers

Crews battling two dozen wildfires in drought-stricken California on Wednesday have made progress in some areas thanks to lower temperatures and higher humidity, officials said.

Firefighter dies as thousands battle California wildfires

 A firefighter died while battling one of the 18 large wildfires raging in California, its governor said Friday, declaring a state of emergency.

Dozens evacuated after wildfires blaze in Croatia

 At least 50 people were evacuated due to wildfires that have been raging for days in Croatia`s southern Adriatic coastal area.

Greece beats back wildfires as one body found

 Firefighters in Greece on Saturday succeeded in bringing two large wildfires in Athens and the Peloponnese under control, but an off-duty police officer is believed to have died in the flames.

Air pollution from wildfires may harm the heart

Air pollution from wildfires may increase risk of cardiac arrests, and other sudden acute heart problems, researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found.

Firefighters battle major blazes as US West faces more heat

Firefighters battle major blazes as US West faces more heat

 Firefighters in Alaska, Oregon and drought-hit California on Monday fought several massive wildfires that have blackened swathes of overheated U.S. West Coast states, as crews braced for warmer temperatures later this week, officials said.

Huge Siberia wildfires kill 17

Seventeen people died and more than 460 sought medical treatment after wildfires blamed on adults who had "played with matches" swept through Siberia, authorities said on Monday.

Chile wildfires damage unique flora, fauna

Massive wildfires raging in drought-stricken southern Chile have wiped out hundreds of plant species, and are now threatening animal life and a national park as well, officials warned Saturday.

Dale Steyn praises firefighters for saving Cape Town home

Dale Steyn praises firefighters for saving Cape Town home

South African spearhead Dale Steyn praised firefighters who saved his Cape Town mountain home from the devastating flames which have engulfed one of the country's most popular tourist destinations.

Australia wildfires kill firefighter, raze two homes

A firefighter has been killed and at least two homes have been destroyed by Australian spring wildfires, officials said on Saturday.

Emergency declared in two California counties hit by wildfires

A state of emergency has been declared by the Governor of California in El Dorado and Siskiyou counties where wildfires have burned tens of thousands of acres, as per reports in foreign dailies.

Climate change could 'fundamentally alter' US forests

Wildfires, insects and drought are crippling forests in the western United States' iconic Rocky Mountains, scientists warned today, urging more efforts to stop global warming.