Rihanna, Cheryl Cole collaboration will happen: Will.I.Am

Singer Will.I.Am says the collaboration between Rihanna and Cheryl Cole will happen when they find the right song.

Will.I.Am left shocked at Margolyes’ `black` comment during TV interview

Will.i.am was reportedly left shocked when ‘Harry Potter’ actress Miriam Margolyes said it was nice to meet him because he is a black person during a television interview.

Will.I.Am gives 500,000 pounds to the Prince`s Trust

Black Eyed Peas star Will.I.Am has donated 500,000 pounds to the Prince`s Trust charity.

Will.I.Am uses autotune to make music

Black Eyed Peas singer Will.I.Am has admitted to using autotune to make his music, while he works on his singing abilities.

Will.I.Am kept USD 400,000 in his car

Hip hop star Will.I.Am once kept USD 400,000 worth of uncashed pay cheques for Black Eyed Peas in the glove compartment of his car.

Will.I.Am to produce song for NASA?

Will.I.Am has reportedly been approached by NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) to produce an exclusive track to be played during a future Mars mission.

I am so glad Cheryl Cole was axed from X Factor, says Will.i.am

Will.i.am has said that he was glad after Cheryl Cole was axed as an ‘X Factor’ USA judge last year.

Cheryl Cole `testing culinary skills on Will.I.Am`

Cheryl Cole has been testing her newly honed culinary skills on Will.i.am since he relocated to the UK to work as a mentor on ‘The Voice’.

Will.I.Am `dating` Geri Halliwell

Will.i.am and Geri Halliwell are rumoured to be in a romantic relationship after they were spotted enjoying a secret dinner date in London.

Will.I.Am takes lessons on British slang for `The Voice`

Will.I.Am, who is one of the judges on Britain`s music reality show ‘The Voice’, is trying to learn British slang.

Will.I.Am raises USD 5 million for charity

Black Eyed Peas star Will.I.AM has raised USD 5 million with the help of singers Stevie Wonder and Ne-YO for needy students.

Will.I.Am launches car company

Black Eyed Peas star will.i.am is getting behind the wheel of a new business venture.

Will.i.am, John Legend perform with Chinese pop stars

Hip hoppers Will.i.am and singer John Legend shared the stage with Chinese pop stars at a charity concert.

Fergie not quitting Black Eyed Peas

Singer Will.i.am of the hip hop band Black Eyed Peas has clarified that its lead singer Fergie is not quitting the group.

Will.I.Am fuming over leaked track

Black Eyed Peas star Will.I.Am is fuming after finding that one of his unreleased tracks called ‘Great Times’ has been leaked online.

Pop star Cheryl Cole to stay with manager Will.i.am?

Cole is moving into her manager Will.i.am`s American home because she is "sick" of staying in Los Angeles hotel rooms.

Cheryl Cole to live in will.i.am’s home while she works on new album

Cheryl Cole has decided to move into her manager will.i.am’s Hollywood home as she works on a new album and scenes for her debut film ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’.

David Guetta to help will.i.am turn Cheryl Cole into top solo star in US

Black Eyed Peas singer will.i.am is said to have met with top producer David Guetta to help Cheryl Cole make it as a solo star in the US.

Justin Bieber needs ‘relationship drama’ for success, claims will.i.am

American rapper will.i.am feels that Justin Bieber needs to go through a heart break in order to get a rocketing career success.

‘Black Eyed Peas’ star Will.I.Am escapes hotel fire

Pop group ‘Black Eyed Peas’ member Will.i.am was among the 1,500 guests who were evacuated from the Park Lane hotel in London after a fire broke out.