MS Windows 7 Phone passes 1.5 mn mark

More than 1.5 mn Windows Phone 7 devices have been sold in the six weeks since the smartphone went on the market.

Anti-virus update can freeze your computer

The problem affects the most recent free update for AVG 2011.

Almost all good news: 100 days of Windows 7

Unlike politicians, operating systems (OS) don`t get a honeymoon with the general public.

Microsoft India seeing good response to Windows 7

The Indian unit of Microsoft is seeing a good early response to Windows 7, its recently launched operating system, its chairman said on Monday.

Windows 7 and Vista offer best file search

Both Windows 7 and Vista scored above the best add-on programme. Windows 7 rated 2.84 on a scale of 1 to 5, with lower scores better than higher ones, and Vista rated 2.97. The best add-on programme was rated 3.03.

Pirated Windows 7 generates $100,000 in India

About 50,000 pirated DVDs of Microsoft Windows 7 are estimated to have been sold here since the official launch on Oct 22, generating unaccounted business of around Rs.50 lakh (nearly $100,000).

Microsoft launches Windows 7

Microsoft Corp launched Windows 7 on Thursday in its most important release for more than a decade, aiming to win back customers after the disappointing Vista and strengthen its grip on the PC market.

Windows 7 to salvage Vista `train wreck`

Microsoft releases Windows 7 to the world as the US software giant tries to regain its stride after an embarrassing stumble with the previous generation operating system Vista.

Microsoft to ship IE with Windows 7 in Europe

Microsoft has said that it would not separate its Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser from versions of Windows 7 shipped to the European Union when the new operating system launches worldwide in October.