Comet Lovejoy releases 500 bottles of alcohol every second!
Comet Lovejoy releases 500 bottles of alcohol every second!

 The discovery marks the first time ethyl alcohol, the same type in alcoholic beverages, has been observed in a comet, researchers said.

Alcohol intake may up breast cancer risk: Study

 Alcohol intake increases the chances of developing breast cancer and this risk quadruples with the intake of each daily glass of wine or beer, a new study has warned.

Diabetics should `dine with wine` to keep heart healthy

Drinking red wine with dinner may improve the heart health of people with Type 2 diabetes as a recent study has suggested so.

Is Delhi government promoting liquor consumption?

Delhi's tourism minister Kapil Sharma has passed a statement in which he has said that the minimum age to consume the liquor should be lesser than 25 years. He says that license procedures and inspector dictatorship should be ended. We talked to Kapil Sharma over his bold decision.

Now, wineries can also produce bio-fuel

The solid grape waste left over from wine-making could be used to prepare bio-fuel, researchers say.

FSSAI to soon issue draft notification for liquor standards

With plans to set standards for alcoholic drinks including beer, whisky and rum among others central food safety watchdog FSSAI is likely to come out with a draft notification within a few weeks.

Wine, berries can stain your teeth

You may usually worry about the result of spilling certain foods and drinks on a pristine white table cloth or a new white dress, but also think about the damaging effects they can cause to teeth. Wine, berries and hot beverages like tea and coffee can have long lasting effect on teeth, say experts.

'Beer-making yeast' can be used to ferment 'better' tasting chocolate

Researchers have claimed that species of yeast that is used in production of beer, bread, and wine works particularly well in chocolate fermentation.

This smartphone app will tell you when to stop drinking
This smartphone app will tell you when to stop drinking

A new smartphone app has been developed that will warn you if you go over the recommended maximum daily/weekly units of alcohol and this way you will be able to manage your alcohol intake.

Depressed? Go for red grapes and wine

A new study has found that red grapes and wine can help ease depression.

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Shocking! Man dies after being served glass of 'detergent' instead of wine
Shocking! Man dies after being served glass of 'detergent' instead of wine

A man has died after a waiter accidentally served him a glass of dishwasher detergent instead of white wine in a cafe.

Grapes of Wrath: Muslim wine ferments divisions in China

 When Chen Naibao got into the wine business, he left out the pigeon blood and lamb meat that have been hallmarks of vintages in China`s Xinjiang region for more than a thousand years.

Sacramental wine: Catholic Church in Kerala courts controversy

The Catholic Church in Kerala, which has supported the government's steps on prohibition, has courted controversy by seeking permission to increase the production of sacramental wine.

A glass of red wine a night may prove good for diabetics' hearts

Good news for wine loving diabetics! A new study has claimed that having a glass of red wine every night could be beneficial for diabetes in managing their cholesterol and protecting their hearts.

Sugary, shipwrecked champagne reveals history of winemaking

 A shipwrecked trove of sugary, 19th century champagne is revealing new details about centuries-old ways of making wine, and fresh insights into the people who drank it, scientists said Monday.

Why your wine tastes so different
Why your wine tastes so different

 Even the high-quality wine like Pinot Noir can have different taste and colours depending on where it was produced, says a study.

Brangelina's 18 pound Miraval Rose wine hits UK supermarket
Brangelina's 18 pound Miraval Rose wine hits UK supermarket

 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's 2014 Miraval Rose wine is now up for sale in a UK supermarket and one has to shell out 18 pound per bottle to get their hands on the wine from duo's French vineyard.

Kids who 'sip' alcohol may start drinking earlier

Parents, take note! Children who are allowed occasional sips of alcohol are more likely to start drinking by the time they are in high school, a new study has warned.

Now, healthier wine that doesn't give you morning after hangover

 Scientists have developed a "jailbreaking" yeast that has the potential to boost health benefits of wine and reduce the toxic byproducts that cause your after headache.