Cats do eat more in winter

Know why your kitten asks for more food as the mercury drops and chill settles in? They too, like humans, need comfort food in the winter.

Delhi govt rolls back its move on working hours for teachers

Facing flak from teachers` community, Delhi government has withdrawn its order of increasing the working hours of school teachers to 45 hours per week and resorted the earlier schedule.

Winter special: 5 best foods for cold weather

Keeping warm during winter is not easy. It is at this time of the year, people get more prone to bacteria and viruses that produce toxins causing colds, cough, influenza and other common diseases.

Cold wave persists in UP, two more dead

Two persons have died due to cold in different parts of Uttar Pradesh in the past 24 hours as cold wave continued unabated in the state.

Thanks to scientists, feast on litchis even in winter

The delectably sweet and juicy litchi, hitherto a summer fruit, is now being cultivated in winter, thanks to a successful experiment in two southern states by the Bihar-based National Research Centre for Litchi (NRCL), an official said.

5 easy tips to cure cracked heels

Cracked heels is a problem which almost everyone encounters. It is very important to take care of your toes to avoid cracked heels as this problem aggravates in winters.

Omar takes stock of affected services after heavy snow in J&K

As Kashmir remained cut off from the country due to heavy snowfall, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today asked the administration in the Valley to be alert and responsive to the needs of the people in the state.

Rains lash parts of UP, give slight relief from cold

Light to moderate rains drenched a few places in western parts of Uttar Pradesh, causing temperatures to rise slightly.

Winter special: 5 natural moisturisers for glowing skin

Everyone wants to grab attention and look their best and refreshing, be it any season. But, thanks to our stressful lives, faulty eating habits, pollution and most of all our lethargy, we neglect to take care of ourselves. A healthy skin and perfect radiance top the wish list of every woman irrespective of her age and profession.

Benefits of honey for skin care in winters

Honey has been hailed as a moisturiser and antiseptic for skin as it is a natural antibacterial, making it great for acne treatment and prevention.

Winter Solstice 2013: December 21 is the shortest day

The official onset of winter has begun as the winter solstice this year falls on December 21 thereby making it the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Winter special: 5 fruits you must have to boost immunity

Fruits are packed with the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help fight infections and boost immunity to fight against diseases.

Beat winters with smart gloves that mimic human touch

AEON Attire is offering a range of gloves to beat the dropping temperatures this winters.

Get holiday ready with AND

Holiday calendars are planned and destinations booked but the most difficult question is – What clothes to pack!

Winter special: Top five food items to keep you warm

Keeping warm during winter is not easy. Apart from woollen clothes, people should consume heat producing food items to beat the chill.

Winter care essentials for the skin

Winter can make your skin dry and dull. Try using cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreen to keep the glow intact, suggests an expert of The Skin Center.

Humpback whales spend winter in Antarctica

Researchers have found that not all Southern Hemisphere humpback whales migrate towards the equator at the end of the Antarctic summer.

Brown fat main culprit in heart disease-related deaths in winter

More people die from heart-disease during the winter months because brown fat is activated by the cold, a new study has suggested.

People appear more attractive in summer

73 percent people believe that they look more attractive in summer as compared to winters, a survey has claimed.

Beware! Hot air blowers can cause allergies

Excessive use of blowers can push you towards various allergies, doctors say.