Now, charge your mobile just by walking in the park!
Now, charge your mobile just by walking in the park!

Ever thought of a walking mobile charger? Here is some good news as researchers have developed a battery that can harness the energy of movements to charge electronic devices like mobile phones.

New device brings wireless charging to cell phones, laptops

Researchers have designed a new device for wireless energy transfer that can charge mobile phones or laptops without using cables.

Soon, body devices could be charged wirelessly

In a major breakthrough, researchers have invented a novel way to wirelessly transfer power deep inside the body to run tiny electronic medical gadgets such as pacemakers, nerve stimulators or new sensors and devices.

Now, charge your Galaxy Note 3 with wireless-charging cover!

A new wireless-charging cover lets Galaxy Note 3 owners charge their device via a Qi-compatible charging pad.

Now, electric cars to be charged wirelessly

A Japanese car maker has started field trials with a wireless charging system, which allows electric cars to recharge their batteries through magnetic resonators buried in the road surface of a parking space.