What do women want in 2015?
What do women want in 2015?

Success, equality, opportunity, respect... these are just a few things women want in the year ahead. What's on your list?

Jashoda Madhavji, Hollywood Publicist, Associate Vice President, Metigon Enterprises Pvt, Ltd.

Merit-based success

10 things women need to succeed
10 things women need to succeed

Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst, India lists a few things that need to change for working women

Vipassana - A game-changer for working women

7 things Vipassana will do to you

Women v/s stereotypes

Some of our best beliefs about women are working against them, finds Averil Nunes

IWPC calls for harassment-free working environments in media

The Indian Women`s Press Corps (IWPC) today strongly condemned work-related harassment of women in the media industry and stressed on the need to establish and ensure harassment-free working environments to enable woman journalists to work freely and fearlessly.

Three out of four working women in India have health problems: Study

A recent survey by Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) has found that three out of four working women in the country suffer from health disorders.

Women`s Day 2014: Quick health tips for working women

It is rightly said that behind the success of every man, there is a woman. Gone are the days when a woman was just confined to the home and kitchen.

Women lose more work days than men due to illness: Study

Women have a slightly lower chance of falling sick compared to men, but they lose more days at work from being ill, a new study on Indian healthcare system by Global Development Network says.

Knock off stubborn office fat, wellness expert shows how

Eating on the go, being chained to the desk while fighting deadlines, bingeing as well as travel among others can stealthily pile on the kilos to modern office goers, says wellness writer Namita Jain.

Work or home, no say for women in India!

There are just 10.9 per cent households in India headed by women compared to a massive 89.1 per cent of male headed households, according to a Census of India-2011 report.

What does it take to be a successful woman by 25?

The competitive world is not a hindrance to five successful women, in their early twenties, who are confidently and profitably running their own show.

Only 1 out of 10 women works in Delhi: Report

One would expect a substantial number of women working in a metro city like Delhi but a report released on Tuesday says otherwise.

Working in late stages of pregnancy as bad as smoking: Study

A new study has claimed that continuing to work during the late stages of pregnancy is as bad as smoking during the phase.

Stay at home mums unhappier than working peers

Mothers who stay at home are more likely to be unhappy than those who go out to work, a new study has revealed.

Women keen to get ahead at work `need to shut up`

Female employees who want to succeed in the workplace should keep their mouths shut, while the more often men voice their opinions the better they are seen at doing their jobs, a new study has revealed.

Working women in urban India put career ahead of motherhood

Working women in urban areas give precedence to their career and professional ambitions over plans to start a family, a study said on Thursday.

Bored with jobs, women find solace in eating

If your craving for chocolate or a biscuit gets the better of you, then it is time to look for another job.

Its official: housewives are ‘as happy as working women’

Mothers who stay at home are as content and satisfied with their lives as those who choose to go out to work.

Stress behind unsightly acne in working women beyond 25

Working women beyond the age of 25 tend to develop unsightly and painful acne due to the growing amount of stress even if they never had spots as teenagers, dermatologists have revealed.

`Working women have unhealthy children`

Most of the working mothers have unhealthy children with problems like obesity, a lifestyle study by Assocham said.