Workplace anxiety can lead to poor job performance

High levels of emotional exhaustion that come from workplace anxiety can directly lead to lower job performance.

Facebook teaches how to improve workplace diversity
Facebook teaches how to improve workplace diversity

 Facebook has designed a training course for improving diversity in the workplace and is willing to share this with others as long as it helps eliminate biases in the hiring process.

Friction in a team bears innovation: Study
Friction in a team bears innovation: Study

Diversity that results in friction and disagreement in a team gives birth to innovative ideas, says a new study.

Selfless behaviour key to get ahead at workplace
Selfless behaviour key to get ahead at workplace

Going the extra mile with the company's benefit at heart may bring you more rewards than working harder to advance your own personal ambition, says a study.

Negative-minded employees likelier to be less productive

A new study has examined that negativity at workplace can directly affect the productivity of an individual.

One in five women fantasizes about colleagues

A new research has revealed that the number one fantasy of 20 percent of female Brits is to be sleeping with a colleague or superior, while a former lover or neighbour also featured in the top five rankings.

Rise in sexual harassment cases at workplace: Govt

 The number of compalints registered with the National Commission for Women (NCW) concerning sexual harassment of women at workplaces has been showing an increasing trend lately, the government today said.

Men, women face equal verbal abuse at workplace
Men, women face equal verbal abuse at workplace

A new study has examined that there is no major difference in the frequency of verbal abuse in the workplace between men and women.

Find time for passion

In the hustle and bustle of routine, a common regret people have is their inability to pursue their passions. We spoke to those who have managed to navigate both boats without capsizing either.

60% women drop career in middle: Experts

Notwithstanding the upsurge of debates and measures to promote gender equality in workplace, experts say around 60 per cent of the women drop their career in the middle.

Is your organization a great place to work?

Are you a student wondering who your first employer will be? Or, you might be already employed. In case it is the latter, are you working in a great place to work?

5 Types of Colleagues You will Find at Work

Even at work, no matter how many jobs you change, there will be a gossip monger or a trouble maker always on his or toes. Want to know who these people are?

59% of women in Mumbai feel work environment is safe

Amid questions being raised about the safety and security of women, 59 per cent of women here felt that work environment in the metropolis is safe for them, a recent survey report said.

Workplace daylight exposure tied to sleep, quality of life

Workers exposed to daylight in office sleep longer at night, record more physical activity and have a higher quality of life than their peers working in offices with no daylight exposure, a new study has claimed.

Sexual harassment at workplace - violence in disguise

Unlike India sexual harassment laws are gender neutral in most parts of the world.

Sexual harassment at Workplace Bill passed by Parliament

Parl passed a bill under which cases of sexual harassment at workplace will have to be disposed of by in-house committees within a period of 90 days.

Bill to curb sexual harassment in workplaces passed in Rajya Sabha

The Bill, which has already been passed by Lok Sabha, was unanimously passed by Rajya Sabha, with Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath promising to follow up the legislation with strict rules.

LS nod to bill to protect women from sexual harassment at workplace

Amid din over coal block allocation issue, the Lok Sabha passed a bill which seeks to protect women, including lakhs employed as domestic workers, from sexual harassment at workplace.

Workplace `most likely place to form close friendships`

Our closest friends are now our workmates because we are too busy to go out and meet new people, a study claims.

Singaporean men happier than women at workplace

A recent survey has revealed that the number of women in Singapore unhappy over work situations is higher as compared to men.