President asks people to reject intolerance

Noting that the country`s history and traditions have always celebrated the "argumentative" Indian rather than an "intolerant" Indian, President Pranab Mukherjee asked people to be "uncompromising" in rejecting intolerance.

Now vernacular e-books available on your phone

With the growth of e-readers, tablet computers and print on demand technology, ebooks seem to be a popular trend.

Audio books at World Book Fair

Audio versions of about hundred fiction and non-fiction books have been featured as part of the ongoing World Book fair 2012.

`Special` books by OUP at World Book Fair in centenary year

The publishing giant is also be bringing out new
publishing initiatives this year.

Sports books not in demand at the World Book Fair

With Commonwealth Games round the
corner, sports may be theme of the ongoing World Book Fair
here but there seems to be very few takers of such literary