Buddhist monks pray at Peshawar museum for world peace

 An eight-member delegation of Buddhist monks from South Korea today visited the Peshawar museum and performed rituals for world peace and religious harmony in Pakistan.

Modi calls for world peace at rock concert; evokes youth power
Modi calls for world peace at rock concert; evokes youth power

Using an unusual platform of a rock concert, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday invoked "can do" attitude of youth to change India and the world while addressing a thousands-strong crowd which gathered for "Global Citizen Festival" in Central Park here.

UK Parliament debates Kashmir, says region important for world peace

A resolution to the Kashmir dispute is crucial for world peace, a group of cross-party lawmakers stressed on Thursday during a debate in the UK Parliament complex.

This New Year, let’s heal the world

We live in a world filled with greed, unrest, violence, hatred, jealousy and all the malice that are destroying and affecting our everyday lives in ways we cannot fathom. Peace is just a word and is vanishing into the thin air.

Arunachal Pradesh CM selected for award

Arunachal Pradesh CM Nabam Tuki has been selected for a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Association of Educators for World Peace.

Agra to run for world peace on V- Day

The city which boasts of the monument of love will be running for world peace.

Agra to run for world peace on Valentine`s Day

While many across the world get mushy on Valentine`s Day, some 15,000 people in Agra -- the city which boasts of the monument to love Taj Mahal -- will be running for world peace on Feb 14.

Karmapa prays for world peace

The 17th Karmapa, Ugen Trinley
Dorje, on Thursday offered prayer and appealed for peace and
prosperity in the world.

India has vital role in strengthening world peace: Dalai Lama

Tibetan spiritual guru the
Dalai Lama today said he foresees India playing a pivotal role
in strengthening the world peace.

Queen Elizabeth II calls for world peace at UN

Britain`s Queen Elizabeth II pleaded for world peace in her first visit in five decades to the UN headquarters during a whirlwind tour of a sweltering New York.

Pakistan dangerous to world peace: US economist

Leading economists from the US and other countries who had gathered at an international conference on Thursday aired doubts about the future of democracy in Pak and underlined that terrorism could be a threat to world peace.