World War II bomb defused in Munich

Berlin: A bomb from World War II was discovered in Ramersdorf -- a district in Munich -- before being defused, police announced Monday.

WWII bomb found near Kalaikunda airbase

A 450-kg bomb of World War II vintage was found three feet under the ground while digging for a lamp post near Kalaikunda air base in West Bengal, official sources said Saturday.

10,000 evacuated in Hungary after WWII bomb discovery

Hungarian police began evacuating around 10,000 people in the central city of Szekesfehervar on Thursday after a World War II bomb was discovered next to a kindergarten.

Old World War II bomb kills 7 in Myanmar

The seven found the bomb floating in a river in Rakhine state on Wednesday.

Thousands evacuated over an unexploded WWII bomb in Paris

An unexploded World War II bomb led to 6000 people`s evacuation from a town.