Attacks boost Francois Hollande`s image, but maybe not for long

Less than a week ago, France`s Francois Hollande was a president in deep trouble, his popularity at an all-time low and his lack of leadership widely attacked.

Shinzo Abe says to stick to Japan apology in new WWII statement

Japan's conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said today that he would release a fresh statement on World War II this year, but would stand by previous apologies for wartime misdeeds.

Abe says to stick to Japan apology in new WWII statement

 Japan`s conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday he would release a fresh statement on World War II this year, but would stand by previous apologies for wartime misdeeds.

Nazi-hunters condemn Mass for WWII Croatia leader

The Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Centre slammed Monday a Mass in Zagreb to commemorate Croatia`s World War II pro-Nazi leader, claiming it was a "badge of shame" for the Catholic Church.

Britain posts 41 million wills, including Princess Diana's

Some 41 million British wills dating back to 1858, including those of Winston Churchill and Princess Diana, were made available in an online database on Saturday.

World War II veterans to attend 'Unbroken' screening
World War II veterans to attend 'Unbroken' screening

World War II veterans, Fiske Hanley and Don Graves, will be attending the screening of the film 'Unbroken', which is based on the life former POW Louis Zamperini.

10,000 evacuated after WWII dud bomb found near Berlin

About 10,000 people had to be evacuated on Thursday after an unexploded 250-kilogramme (550-pound) World War II bomb was discovered in a city near the German capital.

'Russia invites North Korea leader for May visit'

Russia has invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to attend a May ceremony marking the end of World War Two, in what would be Kim`s first foreign visit since taking the helm of the reclusive state in 2011, Japan`s Asahi Shimbun daily said on Wednesday.

China marks 77th anniversary of Nanjing massacre

Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders on Saturday participated in the 77th anniversary of the Nanjing massacre amid a drive to revive memories of the Japanese invasion.

Case dropped against German over WWII French massacre

A German court on Tuesday threw out the case against an 89-year-old former soldier over the Nazis' worst atrocity on French soil, the 1944 massacre in the village of Oradour-sur-Glane.

Survivors commemorate 73rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

For the fifth year in a row, Lou Conter made the trip to Honolulu from his Alta Sierra, California, home to remember his USS Arizona shipmates who died in the surprise air attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

Japan starts chemical weapon destruction in China

A Japanese-built facility in China on Monday began destroying the largest cache of World War II chemical weapons abandoned in the country, Tokyo officials said, in a rare case of co-operation between the two countries.

Physicist Marvin Goldberger dies at 92
Physicist Marvin Goldberger dies at 92

Theoretical physicist and former president of the California Institute of Technology, Marvin Leonard Goldberger, died of cancer on Wednesday in La Jolla at 92.

UK Home Secy Lauds role of Sikh soldiers during WW I and II

Lauding the valiant role played by them during the World War I and II, a top British minister has described Sikh soldiers as unsung heros who gave freedom that, "we hold so dear today".

Thousands evacuated after WWII bomb found in French city

 Three thousand people were evacuated from their homes in the centre of the French city of Rennes today while a 250-kg British bomb from World War II was being diffused.

Leader of German exiles calls postwar expulsion `a crime`

The expulsion of millions of Germans from eastern Europe after World War II was a "crime", the new leader of a group representing the exiles said in an interview with a Polish newspaper on Monday.

Queen Elizabeth II leads UK memorial ceremony

Queen Elizabeth II is older, her husband's face more etched by time, but the Remembrance Sunday ceremony remains reassuringly the same: two minutes of silence, then the monarch lays a poppy-laden wreath at the foot of the Cenotaph, followed by senior royals and other dignitaries.

Law Commission recomends repeal of 73 more obsolete statutes

Identifying obsolete Acts, the Law Commission on Monday recommended repeal of 73 more statutes, including the one which prescribed punishment for those who dissuaded people from taking part in wars in which the British Empire was engaged, taking the number of such laws to 258.

WWII ships found deep in `Graveyard of the Atlantic`

Two sunken ships from World War II -- a German U-boat and an American merchant vessel -- have been found deep in the ocean off the coast of North Carolina, officials said Tuesday.

WWII vintage bomb found in Andaman islands

An unexploded bomb of World War-II era was found by tribals living in an island of Andaman after which it was disposed off safely by defence commandos, officials said on Monday.