Records, photos of famed US WWII bombers go online

Thousands of feet above the Pacific Ocean, the bullets were coming fast and the flak was flying.

Karadzic `drove` Bosnia`s ethnic cleansing, UN court told

 Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic "drove" ethnic cleansing during Bosnia`s bloody civil war, including some of the worst atrocities since World War II, the Yugoslav war crimes court heard on Monday.

Japan developing first fighter since World War II

The Japanese government has begun working on a jet fighter, the first such aircraft to be built in the country since World War II, the Nikkei newspaper reported Monday.

Japan insists no mystery behind skulls at US consulate

Japan`s Foreign Ministry on Friday insisted there was no mystery behind human skulls stored at its consulate in Chicago for three months, saying officials were checking if they were the remains of WWII soldiers.

South Korea, Japan to hold talks on sex slavery

 Senior diplomats from South Korea and Japan will hold talks about Tokyo`s sexual enslavement of Korean women during the World War II, Seoul`s foreign ministry said Thursday.

China marks victory over Japan

Chinese President Xi Jinping and all six other members of the Politburo Standing Committee, the country`s most powerful body, made a rare public appearance Wednesday to commemorate 69 years since Japan`s surrender at the end of World War II.

Ukraine defence chief warns of `great war` with Russia
Ukraine defence chief warns of `great war` with Russia

Ukraine`s defence minister warned on Monday that a "great war" had broken out with Russia over his country`s future that could claim tens of thousands of lives.

Swiss alpine skiing legend Karl Molitor dies at 94
Swiss alpine skiing legend Karl Molitor dies at 94

Swiss alpine skiing legend Karl Molitor has died at the age of 94, his family announced on Wednesday.

Japan PM Shinzo Abe sends support message to war criminals service

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has sent a message to a memorial service dedicated to World War II war criminals, organisers said Wednesday, in a move that could prompt anger from Asian neighbours.

Hiroshima marks 69th anniversary of atomic bombing

Tens of thousands were to gather for peace ceremonies in Hiroshima today, marking the 69th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of the city, as anti-nuclear sentiment runs high in Japan.

Solomon Islander who helped save JFK dies at 93

A Solomon Islander who helped save John F. Kennedy when a Japanese destroyer sank the future US president`s patrol boat during World War II has died aged 93, his family said Monday.

`Last airman in US bombing of Hiroshima dies`

The last surviving crewman of the Enola Gay, the US plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan near the end of World War II, has died, US media has reported.

Imperial War Museum to showcase Japanese WWII artifacts

A new display of items related to Japan`s role in World War II has opened at the `Imperial War Museum` in London following a major revival of the building.

Olympics: With six years to go, Tokyo hopes for 2020 alchemy

Six years to the day before the start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, its top brass predict the Games will have as significant an impact as those of 1964, which marked Japan`s emergence as an economic power.

United flight diverted to remote Midway Island due to odor

A United Airlines flight with 348 people aboard over the Pacific Ocean was forced to land on remote Midway Island because of what authorities said was an electrical odor on board.

Bosnian mom buries 2 sons 19 years after massacre

After 19 years, Hajrija Selimovic will finally have a place to mourn her family on Friday.

China to release daily Japanese war crimes `confession`

China began publishing "confessions" of 45 convicted Japanese World War II criminals on Thursday, officials said, in Beijing`s latest effort to highlight the past amid a territorial dispute between the two.

Japan`s move to lift ban on troops to fight abroad riles China

China on Tuesday reacted angrily to Japan`s biggest change in defence policy since the World War II, saying the move could undermine regional peace and harm Chinese sovereignty.

Japan`s government approves larger military role

Japan took a step away on Tuesday from an American-drafted constitution that has long kept its military shackled, approving a plan to allow greater use of a force that was vanquished at the end of World War II.

Five notorious World Cup episodes

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez once again hogged the limelight for the wrong reason over an alleged biting incident involving Italian Giorgio Chiellini in their final group game.