Wreckage of WW2 battleship located of Italy coast

The Italian navy says the wreckage of the World War II battleship Roma, sunk by German planes 69 years ago with the loss of 1,352 lives, has been located north of Sardinia.

Wreckage of Israeli helicopter found in Romania

The wreckage of an Israeli military helicopter that crashed into a mountain in central Romania has been found.

No survivors found at Afghan airline crash site

The wreckage of an Afghan passenger
plane has been found on a mountainside in Kabul.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles may soon find wreckage of Air France Flight 447

New hope has emerged for the retrieval of the wreckage of Air France Flight 447, with a survey employing the use of three Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) called REMUS 6000 to find the debris.

Searchers comb wreckage for Samoan tsunami dead

Search teams combed the jumble of smashed houses and ripped foliage Monday in their search for human remains nearly a week after a tsunami devastated Samoa and neighbouring islands.