WWII vintage bomb found in Andaman islands

An unexploded bomb of World War-II era was found by tribals living in an island of Andaman after which it was disposed off safely by defence commandos, officials said on Monday.

WWII bomb found near Frankfurt airport

Authorities have found an unexploded World War II bomb by a highway close to Frankfurt airport and an operation to defuse it may cause flight disruptions.

1,500 evacuated after WWII bomb found in Budapest

Hungarian police evacuated around 1,500 people in Budapest today after a World War II bomb was discovered during construction work at an apartment block near Buda Castle.

Japanese airport closed after WWII bomb found

A major airport in northern Japan has been closed after an unexploded bomb believed to be from World War II was found.

Poland: House evacuated over massive WWII bomb

20 people have been evacuated from a house after workers uncovered a 500-kilo World War II bomb under the sidewalk.

Massive WWII bomb succesfully defused in Germany

Firefighters say a massive British World War II-era bomb that triggered the evacuation of half of Germany`s western city of Koblenz was successfully defused.

Germany: 45,000 evacuated to defuse WWII bomb

Officials in Germany`s western city of Koblenz say some 45,000 residents have to be evacuated as officials try to defuse a World War II era bomb.

Unexploded WWII bomb defused on new NATO HQ site

NATO`s new home will be situated across the street from its current offices.