When multiple sex prevents male extinction!

Promiscuous female fruit flies with high sex drives are key to preventing extinction of its male species, a study shows.

Genes influence male sexual orientation: Study

In significant discovery, researchers in the US have found fresh evidence that the male sexual orientation is influenced by genes.

Mystery behind differences in height between men and women revealed

Researchers from the University of Helsinki have tried to find genetic factors that could explain individual differences in several traits, including BMI, height, blood pressure and lipid levels.

Men in no danger of becoming extinct!

Researchers have dispelled the common notion that the Y`s genes are mostly unimportant and that the chromosome is destined to dwindle and disappear, after comparing Y chromosomes in eight African and eight European men.

`Female` X chromosome key contributor to sperm production

Scientists have found that large portions of the X chromosome -long perceived as the "female" counterpart to the male-associated Y chromosome - have evolved to play a specialized role in production of sperm.