Protein in living bacterial cells mapped

Scientists have for the first time mapped the atomic structure of a protein within a living cell.

`Mysterious` X-ray signal could be dark matter candidate

Researchers are mystified by a mysterious X-ray signal which has been found in a detailed study of galaxy clusters using NASA`s Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA`s XMM-Newton.

Clouds circling supermassive black holes spotted

Astronomers have reported seeing huge clouds of gas orbiting supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies.

Smaller black holes have bigger appetites than larger ones

A new study suggests that a relatively small black hole (20-30 times the mass of our Sun) can sustain a hugely voracious appetite while consuming material in an efficient and tidy manner - something that was previously thought impossible.

Scientists develop new X-ray device

Scientists have developed a novel method to generate research-quality X-rays using a powerful `tabletop` laser.

Early Earth harboured lava oceans

The young Earth`s mantle harboured two magma oceans which were layered like a pudding cake, scientists say.

Tigress X-rayed in Sundarbans after found struggling to walk

A young tigress has been put through an X-ray examination in the wild perhaps for the first time in a new initiative to treat animals after the big cat was found struggling to walk.

NASA`s NuSTAR spacecraft detects 10 supermassive black holes

NASA`s new black-hole-hunter spacecraft - NuSTAR - has detected its first 10 supermassive black holes, lying at the hearts of distant galaxies between 0.3 and 11.4 billion light-years from Earth.

New X-rays can sniff out gold with greater accuracy than ever before

Scientists have fine-tuned a method called gamma-activation analysis, which is claimed to be far better at detecting gold than the current industry standard.

Non flying dinosaurs evolved `flight ready` brains

Some non-avian dinosaurs evolved the brainpower necessary to fly before they actually took to the air as birds, a new study has revealed.

Airport scanners emit less radiation than thought

A new US report shows that people absorb less radiation from airport body scanners than they do while standing in line waiting for the scan itself.

X-ray experiments help recreate `dinobird` plumage patterns

X-ray experiments allowed a team of scientists to recreate the plumage pattern of an extinct bird for the very first time.

Obese patients `more exposed to radiation`

Obese individuals could be exposed to higher levels of radiation during routine X-ray and CT scans as most medical imaging equipments are not designed with overweight.

Magic bullet `to detect early cancers`

Scientists claim to have devised a "magic bullet" to detect very early cancers.

X-ray microscope that enables nanovision developed

The technology could be used to look at different elements inside a material, or to image viruses, cells and tissue in great detail.

New test detects kidney disorder early

The risk of cardiac disorders due to kidney diseases can now be reduced by an X-ray that makes early detection possible.

Kim gets her butt X-rayed!

Socialite Kim Kardashian knows how to be in news. This time it`s her butt x-ray that is grabbing eyeballs.

World’s most advanced X-ray free electron laser!

RIKEN and the Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute created this record-breaking light using SACLA, a cutting-edge X-ray Free Electron Laser.

X-ray images of George VI, Elizabeth found

A set of X-ray images of the teeth of Britain`s King George VI, his wife and their daughter, now Queen Elizabeth II, have been found in a former nurse`s house.

X-ray proof underwear to protect flyers` modesty!

The special underwear, vests are covered with a special paint made from a mixture of metals & glass.