China jails prominent rights activist for four years

Court sentenced China`s rights advocates to 4 years in prison after he campaigned for the rights of children from rural areas to be educated in cities and for officials to disclose their assets.

China activist sentenced to 4 years` jail

Prominent Chinese legal activist Xu Zhiyong was sentenced to four years` jail Sunday for his role in anti-graft protests, a court said, furthering a crackdown on a rights movement he championed.

China activist Xu Zhiyong in silent protest at trial: Lawyer

Prominent Chinese activist Xu Zhiyong went on trial Tuesday over his role in anti-corruption protests but defied the court by refusing to speak, his lawyer said, calling the proceedings a "piece of theatre".

`Hypocritical crackdown` on China corruption activists: Amnesty

Amnesty International condemned the forthcoming trials of eight anti-corruption activists in China, calling them "hypocritical" and saying they highlighted flaws in the ruling Communist Party`s much-publicised anti-graft campaign.

China dissident Xu Zhiyong trial set for Wednesday

Chinese dissident Xu Zhiyong will go on trial next Wednesday on charges of disrupting public order, his lawyer said on Friday.

Chinese citizens movement leader arrested

Arrest of one of China`s civil rights advocates underscores how unnerved country`s leaders are by political action, even if it is as mundane as gathering for a dinner party.