Gambian leader hands journalists government posts in reshuffle

Less than a week after an abortive coup attempt, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh handed the foreign and communications portfolios to journalists in a government reshuffle, officials said on Tuesday.

Gambian radio station reopens, but can only broadcast music

Gambian authorities let a popular radio station resume broadcasting on Monday, days after closing it down as part of a crackdown, as long as it airs only music, a government source said.

Gambia shuts down radio station after palace attack: Source

Authorities in Gambia ordered the closure of a popular radio station as part of a crackdown following a failed attack on the presidential palace, a source close to the government said Sunday.

Gambian troops rally in support of President after palace attack

 Hundreds of security force members held a rally in Gambia`s capital Banjul on Saturday in support of President Yahya Jammeh, four days after an attack on the presidential palace, witnesses said.

US denies any role in Gambia violence

The United States on Thursday denied it had any role in an apparent coup attempt in The Gambia, after the African nation`s leader Yahya Jammeh blamed the attack on foreign dissidents.

Gambia President returns home after reports of coup attempt

Gambia`s President Yahya Jammeh returned to Banjul on Wednesday and shops and banks reopened, a day after gunfire erupted around the presidential palace in an apparent coup attempt led by a former commander of the presidential guard.

Gambia president says flying home after gunfire rocks Banjul

 Gambia`s President Yahya Jammeh said he was returning home from Chad late on Tuesday, after gunfire erupted around the presidential palace in the Gambian capital of Banjul last night.

Soldiers block off centre of Gambian capital after gunfire overnight

Gunfire erupted around the presidential palace in Gambia`s capital of Banjul overnight and soldiers blocked a bridge leading to the centre of town, but the government denied reports of an attempted coup.

Snubbed Taiwan breaks off ties with Gambia

Taiwan said on Monday it had terminated diplomatic relations with Gambia, after the West African nation`s move to cut ties shocked Taipei and left it with a dwindling number of foreign allies.

Gambia pardons expelled Lebanese businessman

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has pardoned Lebanese businessman Hussein Tajudeen, four months after he was expelled from the west African nation for questionable economic activities.

Gambia confirms execution of nine prisoners

Gambia confirmed that 9 prisoners being held on death row have been executed after the Prez vowed to carry out all death sentences by mid-September.

Gambia`s Jammeh dissolves cabinet: Report

The brief announcement did not say why Yahya Jammeh had taken the decision or when the cabinet would be replaced.

Gambia`s Jammeh declared winner of criticised poll

Gambia`s President Yahya Jammeh secured a new five-year term in the West African country.