Indian-American doctors take leadership lessons at Yale

The largest ethnic organisation of Indian-American physicians has launched a new initiative, a Leadership Retreat to educate, train and enhance the leadership qualities of its members in collaboration with the Yale University.

Post controversy, Smriti Irani revels `I have a degree from Yale University`

The controversy over HRD Minister Smriti Irani`s educational qualifications has taken a new turn with her assertion that she also has a degree from the prestigious Yale University in the US.

DNA similarities help choose friends

Friends are family and you choose them because they share many common genes with you.

Astronomers discover seven new dwarf galaxies

Astronomers in the US have discovered seven new dwarf galaxies using a new `homemade` telescope.

What makes cities warmer than countryside

Variation in how efficiently urban areas release heat back into the lower atmosphere - through the process of convection - is the dominant factor in the daytime "urban heat island" (UHI) effect, a phenomenon that makes urban areas significantly warmer than the surrounding countryside.

Govt rejects study report on pollution level in India

Government on Wednesday rejected studies of WHO and Yale University which talked about India and its cities being among the most polluted, asserting that the parameters for determining air pollution were not considered by them.

Evolutionary distinctness can help save birds from extinction

Scientists said identifying evolutionary distinctness of birds will help them save birds from extinction.

Sex, pregnancy poorly understood by women: US study

Women are often in the dark when it comes to basic facts about sex, fertility, pregnancy and their own reproductive health, according to a US study Monday.

In US, not all drugs are reviewed equally: Study

Consumers may expect that medical treatments approved for the US market are safe and thoroughly tested, but a study out Tuesday said that is not always the case.

Brain development is `choreographed`: Study

The human brain develops with an exquisitely timed choreography marked by distinct patterns of gene activity at different stages from the womb to adulthood, scientists say.

Yale University ends four-hour lockdown

Yale University lifted a lockdown after a police search of its campus in New Haven, Connecticut, found no evidence of a gunman.

New clues to origins of autism found

Researchers have pinpointed cell types and regions of the developing human brain that are affected by gene mutations linked to autism.

39 genes behind alcoholism identified

Hooked on alcohol? Your genes may be to blame!
Scientists have identified a group of 39 genes that together are strongly associated with alcoholism.

Search for `elusive` dark matter turns up empty

The search for the elusive dark matter has met with vain after the first results from a high-tech instrument turned up empty.

US scientists to boycott NASA meeting

Several prominent scientists in exoplanet research have decided to boycott a NASA conference after learning Chinese researchers are barred from attending by the space agency, which cited national security as its reason.

Social media responses can help invent new disease control measures: Study

Responses on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can help to find vital clues to control infectious diseases and in developing new control measures, a new study has revealed.

Prenatal cocaine exposure affects baby`s brain

Researchers including an Indian researcher prenatal cocaine exposure can have negative effects on baby`s normal brain development and behaviour, from birth and into adulthood.

Prenatal cocaine exposure affects baby`s behaviour and brain

Researchers including an Indian researcher prenatal cocaine exposure can have negative effects on baby`s normal brain development and behaviour, from birth and into adulthood.

Binge eating more likely to lead to health risks in men

Obese men who binge eat are more likely to have elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure than their female counterparts, a new study has found.

Health benefits of eggs revealed

Consumption of whole eggs can be a part of a heart healthy diet, even in those with existing coronary heart disease, a new study has found.