Uma Bharti promises to control Yamuna pollution

The central government has promised action to contain pollution of the Yamuna river and restore its past glory.

Delhi government`s project to clean up Yamuna river

To address the issue of pollution in the Yamuna, Delhi government has undertaken a comprehensive project through which all the polluting drains shall be cleaned before they merge into the river.

Yamuna activists block Delhi-Agra highway

Thousands of activists, on a march from Vrindavan to Delhi demanding release of Yamuna water from Hathini Kund barrage, today blocked the Delhi-Agra highway and rail route.

Yamuna`s slow death documented in film

An hour-long film, ‘Yamuna ka Dard’ (The Pain of the Yamuna), was released here Wednesday in a bid to highlight the pollution in the river and the likely damage it could cause to the Taj Mahal.

Ascetics highlight Yamuna pollution to President

More than 100 Vaishnavite ascetics from Maharashtra have requested President Pratibha Patil to help save the Yamuna river from pollution.

Agra battling water crisis due to polluted Yamuna

The city of Agra has been battling a water crisis for over a month now as the sewer and industrial effluents have polluted the Yamuna river, causing an inadequate water supply to the residents.