Tugboat sinking in China kills 22 including 8 foreigners

Twenty-two people including eight foreigners have been confirmed dead after a tugboat sank on a trial voyage on the Yangtze, China`s longest river, state media reported Saturday.

Indian among 22 missing in boat capsize in China

An Indian was among eight foreigners who are missing along with 14 others when a tugboat sank off the Yangtze River in China's east Jiangsu Province.

Over 20 missing after boat sinks in China

Over 20 people, including foreigners, were still missing after a tug boat sank in the Yangtze river in China's Jiangsu province, authorities said Friday.

Building collapses due to blast in China, 10 killed

A preliminary investigation showed that the blast was caused by a gas leak, a report said.

Yangtze River is at least 23 million years old: Study

Yangtze - the world`s third longest river - located in China, is at least 23 million years old, an international team of scientists has found.

China opens its first subway crossing Asia`s longest river

After launching the world`s longest high-speed rail line, China opened its subway line across the mighty Yangtze River to connect the two sides of Wuhan.

China to open first subway through longest river

China`s first subway line to cross the Yangtze River is expected to start test run this month in the central city of Wuhan, local officials have said.

China: 14 dead, 26 missing in mudslide

Chinese rescuers have retrieved 14 bodies from a rain-triggered mudslide in the country`s southwest Sichuan province while 26 people remain missing.

Expedite Chinese power projects: Pakistan Prez

Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari appreciated Chinese assistance to the country, especially in the power sector.

China infuses Yangtze with 1.3 billion fish

Around 1.3 bn fish were released into the Yangtze river in China in a project launched to "repair" fishing resources affected by the recent drought.

China`s longest river faces worst drought since 1961

Yangtze river received the lowest rainfall this year since 1961.

Three Gorges dam withstands peak flood test

China`s Three Gorges Dam has passed its biggest flood control test by sustaining a massive water flow.

1.3 million flee as China flooding kills 155

Heavy seasonal flooding in China has killed at least 155 people and forced more than 1 mn to flee.

Iranian ship runs aground in Yangtze, 37 crew members rescued

All 37 people including a two-year-old boy aboard an Iranian-registered cargo ship that ran aground in heavy weather in China`s Yangtze river had been rescued, officials said on Sunday.

China starts resettling 3.3 lakh people for key water project

Authorities have started resettling 3.3 lakh people in central China to make way for the ambitious south-north water diversion project on mighty Yangtze River which will supply water to parched northern cities including Beijing.

China relocates 1.27 million people for Three Gorges project

China has relocated 1.27 million people to make way for the controversial Three Gorges Dam, the world`s largest hydroelectric project on the mighty Yangtze River, the state media reported.