Yemen's rebels attack home of Islamist, 12 killed

Yemen's empowered Shiite rebels attacked the home of a rival Islamist politician south of the capital on Saturday, setting off clashes that left 12 people dead, security officials said, adding that the politician was not home at the time.

Yemen Shiite rebels seize government HQ, PM resigns
Yemen Shiite rebels seize government HQ, PM resigns

Shiite rebels seized the Yemeni government headquarters on Sunday and prime minister Mohamed Basindawa resigned, accusing the president of being "autocratic", senior officials said.

Yemen agrees on truce with rebels: UN envoy

The United Nations envoy to Yemen, Jamal bin Omar said late Saturday that he had brokered a ceasefire deal between the Yemeni government and Shia Houthi group.

Rebel activist killed trying to storm Yemen govt HQ: Rebels

Yemeni police shot dead at least one Shiite rebel activist on Tuesday when they opened fire on hundreds of protesters attempting to storm government headquarters, a protest organiser said.

Protesting Yemen rebels reject presidential overture

Yemeni Shiite rebels and activists took to the streets of Sanaa Wednesday to reject a presidential overture to replace the government and reduce a disputed fuel price hike.

Yemen seals truce with Shi`ite rebels after clashes in capital

Yemen`s Defence Ministry and Shi`ite rebels agreed a ceasefire on Sunday after clashes which have shaken the capital Sanaa and its outskirts, the country`s official 26 September newspaper said.

Yemen rebels say implementing ceasefire terms

Shiite rebels said on Saturday they have
pulled out of an occupied airport in northern Yemen and were
preparing to release their Saudi prisoners in line with a
truce agreed with the Sanaa government.

Yemen rebels deny assassination bid: Report

Yemeni Shi`ite rebels denied an assassination attempt on an Interior Ministry official which took place on Friday, only hours after a ceasefire agreement, Al Jazeera television reported on Saturday.

Yemen rebels offer truce with govt: Report

The leader of Shiite rebels in N Yemen said on Saturday in a message released on the Internet that he will accept the govt`s conditions to end the war if attacks against them cease.

Yemen rebels down Saudi chopper: Report

Yemeni Shi’ite rebels, engaged in on-off border clashes with Saudi forces, said on Saturday they had downed a Saudi Apache helicopter amid Saudi air raids they said had killed at least 15 villagers.

Yemen rebels claim capture of Saudi border post

Shiite rebels have said they have seized control of a Saudi military post along the border between the two countries.

Saudi strikes to continue until Yemen rebels ejected

Saudi Arabia has said its offensive against Yemeni rebels would continue until it ended any presence by the group on its territory.

10 Yemen rebels sentenced to death

A Yemeni court has sentenced 10 Shiite Zaidi rebels to death and another five to 15 years in prison each over deadly clashes near the capital in 2008.

Yemen rebels claim control of northern district

Zaydi Shi`ite rebels in N. Yemen said they had taken control of a district bordering Saudi Arabia, while a UN aid group cancelled a humanitarian convoy.