China reports first trade deficit in 11 months

China reported a large trade deficit in February mainly due to distortion by the Chinese New Year holidays, marking the first deficit since April 2013.

Beijing to reward terror whistleblowers

People helping authorities in exposing terror plots in the Chinese capital city will be rewarded, police in Beijing have announced.

US delegates to visit China to reduce tensions

Tensions developed between these two over the US arms sale to Taiwan, differences about China`s currency policy, recent comments from the US about South China Sea issues and the US involvement in naval exercises in the Yellow Sea.

US Senator slams Obama on Yuan report

US Senators have criticised the Obama Administration`s report that absolved China of manipulating its currency, saying the only remedy available for the Congress is to pass legislation against the issue.

China`s currency rises to new high ahead of G-20

China`s currency surged Friday to its highest level yet, with central bank setting the daily official level at 6.7896 yuan to the dollar.

China, US reach consensus on yuan appreciation

China said it reached an understanding with the United States on the demand for appreciation of its currency, the yuan, under which it would chart its own course on currency reform based on its needs.

Yuan revaluation: Who stands to gain?

China is all set to revalue Yuan amid mounting US pressure. But will it benefit India?

Yuan revaluation: Who stands to gain?

China is all set to revalue Yuan amid mounting US pressure. But will it benefit India?

China economic policies under fire at Davos forum

Political leaders, central bankers and financiers at the World Economic Forum have attacked China`s monetary and trade policy and questioned its ability to tackle an overheating economy.

China under fresh criticism over currency

China, which has emerged as the world`s biggest exporter, is coming under fresh criticism in the US and Europe for using an "undervalued" currency to shore up its economic and trade competitiveness.

China insists will reform yuan at its own pace

China will move ahead with yuan reform at its own pace, keeping a close eye on economic growth and the job market, a unit of the central bank said on Thursday.

French PM calls for more flexible yuan

Visiting French Prime Minister Francois Fillon on Tuesday called for a more flexible yuan, saying such a policy would help boost domestic consumption in China and resolve global trade imbalances.

No winners if yuan rises, says China think-tank

Lifting the value of China`s yuan currency would hurt, not help, global economic recovery and threaten the country`s own financial and trade health, a Chinese state think-tank said in an essay published on Monday.

EU says a revaluation of the yuan would be "appropriate"

The head of the European Central Bank said here on Sunday that a revaluation of the yuan
currency would be "appropriate" after talks with China`s
Premier Wen Jiabao.

Stronger yuan needed for rebalancing: IMF chief

A stronger Chinese yuan is part of the reforms that Beijing needs to implement to increase domestic consumption and help ease global imbalances, the head of the International Monetary Fund said on Monday.

China-US spar over currencies ahead of Obama visit

The United States and China sparred over exchange rates at a meeting of Asia Pacific leaders on Sunday, pointing to tricky talks ahead for President Barack Obama when he flies to China to address economic tensions.

Yuan can be alternative reserve currency in 15 yrs: WB

World Bank president Robert Zoellick has said in 15 years the Chinese yuan can become an alternative to US dollar as a global reserve currency, with China`s fast economic growth and efforts to internationalise the currency.

G7 presses for stronger yuan, breaks no new ground

The Group of Seven rich nations urged China on Saturday to strengthen the yuan, but gave no sign of how it might overcome Chinese resistance to that suggestion or resolve other tensions over global currency rates.

China stocks end down 4.3%, off 20% from peak

China`s stock market closed down 4.3% on Wednesday, led by recently listed shares as investors bailed out of the market.