Karadzic `drove` Bosnia`s ethnic cleansing, UN court told

 Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic "drove" ethnic cleansing during Bosnia`s bloody civil war, including some of the worst atrocities since World War II, the Yugoslav war crimes court heard on Monday.

Tribunal judges order Mladic health report

Mladic has been suffering the effect of a kidney stone,
had surgery for a hernia and been hospitalised with pneumonia.

Sick Ratko Mladic misses court appearance

Mladic was supposed to appear today to plead on a new charge relating to the murder of 30 Muslims in eastern Bosnia.

War crimes suspect pleads not guilty at UN court

Hadzic was arrested in Serbia in July and transferred to The Hague.

Last Serb war crimes suspect appears at UN court

Serbia`s last major war crimes suspect refused to enter a plea on charges over the Croatian war.