Myanmar warplane kills four in China's Yunnan province: Report

Four Chinese people were killed in southwestern Yunnan province on Friday by a bomb dropped from a Myanmar warplane, state media reported, days after Beijing warned of escalating violence across the border.

32 people injured in China quake

At least 32 people were injured, over 75,000 people displaced and nearly 16,000 houses damaged after a moderate earthquake of 5.5 magnitude struck a remote area in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Minor quake in southwest China

A 4.4-magnitude earthquake struck southwest China early today affecting over 10,000 people though no casualties were reported.

Nine buried alive in China landslide

 Nine people were buried alive Tuesday by a rain-triggered landslide in southwest China`s Yunnan province, authorities said.

Moderate quake jolts China's county

 A 4.1-magnitude earthquake struck China's Ludian County in southwestern Yunnan Province early today, the China Earthquake Networks Centre said.

Six goes missing in China while attempting to clear barrier lake

Six workers went missing in China's southwestern Yunnan Province on Saturday after water gushed out of a barrier lake which was being cleared by them.

Six children killed in a stamped at a school in China

Six children were killed and 22 others injured in a stampede on Friday at a primary school in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Indian, Chinese medics tour China as 'Barefoot Doctors'

A team of Indian and Chinese doctors have toured southwest China's Yunnan Province to treat patients in remote areas without proper medical facilities, in an effort to retrace the trail of "Barefoot Doctors" first undertaken by legendary Dwarakanath Kotnis.

Three condemned to death for `China`s 9/11` mass stabbing

Three people were condemned to death on Friday and one given life in prison for a mass stabbing that killed 31 people in China, state television said, an attack authorities blamed on separatists from largely Muslim Xinjiang.

Seven killed, nine missing in China landslides

Seven people were killed and nine others have gone missing in two mudslides triggered by flash floods in southwest China`s Yunnan Province.

India to hold biggest Yoga fest in China next week

ndia will hold the biggest Yoga festival in China next week where the iconic Indian spiritual and physical art form has become a rage with millions of health-conscious Chinese making it part of their routine.

Blast in apartment in China kills 3

Three people were killed and four others were injured in a blast in an apartment in southwest China`s Yunnan province today.

6.1 magnitude quake hits southwest China; 43 injured

At least 43 people were injured and 35,000 others evacuated after the 6.1-magnitude earthquake jolted a county in China`s southwestern Yunnan Province.

1,500 battling forest fire in China

More than 1,500 firefighters and soldiers are battling a forest fire that broke out Wednesday afternoon in Kunming city in southwest China`s Yunnan province, authorities said.

Police station ransacked in China

A group of people ransacked a police station in China`s southwestern Yunnan Province over a local environmental dispute, state media reported today.

Chinese police capture man who shot six people

A man who allegedly killed six people and injured three others in a shooting spree on the eve of the Chinese lunar new year was arrested Monday afternoon in southwest China`s Yunnan Province.

Fossilised skull of young ape unearthed in China

A six-million-year-old fossilised cranium of a juvenile ape has been unearthed in China in a rare find that has paleontologists hoping it may help unravel the mystery of human origins.

5.0-magnitude quake strikes China, 9 injured

The epicentre of the quake, that struck the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in the province at 9:45 am, was located in the border area between Eryuan and Yangbi counties, with a depth of 11 km.

China: 17 killed in coal mine accident

Seventeen people were killed and six others injured in a coal mine accident in China`s southwestern Yunnan Province.

At least 18 die in China coal mine accident

At least 17 people were today killed in a gas explosion ripped through a coal mine in southwest China`s Yunnan Province.