Zachary Quinto doubts he will return for `Heroes Reborn`

Actor Zachary Quinto has expressed interest in `Heroes Reborn` but said it is unlikely he will return due to his availability.

Zachary Quinto joins `Girls` for season four

Actor Zachary Quinto will guest star in TV series `Girls`.

Heroes` will return as an miniseries in 2015

Hit sci-fi show `Heroes` will head back to the television next year in the form of 13-episode miniseries.

Zachary Quinto to star in `Agent 47`

Actor-producer Zachary Quinto will feature in `Agent 47`, a sequel to the 2007 action movie `Hitman`.

Zachary Quinto unchanged by success

`Star Trek Into Darkness` star Zachary Quinto feels he is determined not to let his success change him.

Zachary Quinto`s balancing act with his dark side

Zachary Quinto says he has a dark side, but playing troubled characters allows him to "live deeper and darker".

Zachary Quinto admits he is ‘a gay man’

Zachary Quinto has now joined the league of homosexual celebrities after openly admitting that he is gay.