Wow! Google Duo now available in India to make free video calls

Wow! Google Duo now available in India to make free video calls

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Google launched Duo, a free video calling service and Allo, a free instant messaging app earlier this month.

While Allo may be 'coming soon' in India, you can now download Duo from Google PlayStore.

 Duo is available on both Android and iOS so you can make free video calls to all your friends and family, regardless if they’re using an Android or iOS device.

This is how you install Google Duo on your Android phone:

1.Go to PlayStore, fill in the details of the country you reside in, your phone number, type in the verification code received in sms on the number entered, fill in the verification code, and you are ready to start.

Key features to know about Duo:  

1. Duo has a feature Knock Knock, which lets you preview who calling you up on the other end of the call.

2. Android users can see Knock Knock even if Duo is not open, ot the phone screen is locked. While iPhone users  can see Knock Know only if the app is open. 

3. One can receive Knock Knocks only from people who are already in the contact list.

4. One can also block a contact from calling you, and the person won't get to know that he has been blocked.

5. Knock Knock can also be disabled altogether by going to Duo's Settings menu, but one cannot disable Knock Knock on a person-to-person basis.