Anup Soni quits TV show Crime Petrol, to go back to acting

Anup Soni quits TV show Crime Petrol, to go back to acting
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Anup Soni, who has been hosting the show 'Crime Patrol'for eight long years, has finally quit the show. As per a report, the actor is currently serving his notice period. 

The actor has told the Bombay Times that he wants to get back to acting and is looking forward to doing films and shows. Bombay Times quoted Anup as saying that he does not want to kill the actor inside him. 

He further stated that he hopes that he wants his fans to understand the same. 

"Eight years is a long time and I have had a beautiful journey on the show. However, I miss acting. I am an actor first. I have not acted in five years. I am looking forward to doing films and shows," he told the Bombay Times. 

Meanwhile, the viewers are disappointed with Anup's decision as they would not watch him again on the show. For this, the actor quipped, "I know it could be, but I am sure that the audience will also understand my situation. It has been a long time and I don't want to become monotonous."

"The show will always hold a special place in my heart. But I now want to experiment with roles as an actor," he said. Crime Petrol, which first aired in 2003, is said to be longest running reality crime television series in India that completed 15 years in 2018. 

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