Bigg Boss 10, 22nd December: Monalisa breaks down on seeing her boyfriend Vikrant

On episode 67 of Bigg Boss 10,  Lopamudra has a breakdown.

Bigg Boss 10, 22nd December: Monalisa breaks down on seeing her boyfriend  Vikrant
Pic Courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: On episode 67 of Bigg Boss 10, housemates wake up dancing to 'Punjabiyadi Battery'.

On the other hand, in the kitchen area, Mona and Swami Om are seen discussing Priyanka’s behaviour.

Following are some of the highlights from the latest episode:

- Lopamudra asks Om Swami to keep the clothes sent by Bigg Boss in the store room. Priyanka Jagga tells Lopamudra Raut that she will throw the clothes in the swimming pool and thus a row breaks out between Lopamudra and Priyanka. 

- Lopamudra demands to talk to Bigg Boss in the confession room and bangs on the door and is seen having a breakdown.

- Manveer and Manu try to calm her down.

- This leads to Bigg Boss warning Priyanka to control her language and then Bigg Boss calls Lopamudra inside the confession room to calm her down. 

- Contestants are given a new task to fulfill their wishes inside the house and a battery will be drained on the basis of their choices.

- Priyanka picks 60 minutes with her kids and drains more than half the battery which upsets the housemates.

- Priyanka introduces her kids to all the housemates, including Lopamudra. 

- Gaurav Chopra chooses to meet his brother and drains 27 percent battery.

- Mona Lisa chooses to meet her boyfriend. But as the remaining battery is 13%, she has to convince Om Swami and Manu Punjabi to promise not to use the luxury budget for the rest of the season in order to recharge the battery.

- Manu and Om agree and Mona's boyfriend Vikrant enters the house and the battery is drained by 53%.

- Vikrant tells Mona before leaving that he loves her very much and won’t ever leave her.

- Later, Rohan reunites with his brother and spends a couple of minutes with him in the confession room.

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