Bigg Boss 11: Family members enter house; inmates cry their heart out—Watch videos

Watch tonight's episode to catch all the action.

Bigg Boss 11: Family members enter house; inmates cry their heart out—Watch videos
Pic Courtesy: Twitter/Bigg Boss

New Delhi: Every season of Bigg Boss creates its share of controversies and also gives its viewers a daily dose of entertainment. Also, an emotional twist is witnessed in the game when family members of the inmates enter their house during the festive time.

It is that time of the year when Bigg Boss 11 will welcome the family members of contestants in the house. The official Twitter handle of the channel shared some sneak-peek videos of how Puneesh, Shilpa and Priyank are welcomed by their parents and girlfriend respectively.

However, an emotional outburst happens as Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to freeze and it's at that moment when one by one the family members enter the house leaving everyone teary-eyed.

As soon as Puneesh's father enters, we can see how the Delhi ka Ladka breaks down. While Shilpa's mother says she is proud of her daughter being called 'maa' but also requests the inmates to not use foul language for her.

Priyank's girlfriend Divya Agarwal too makes a dramatic entry and can be seen giving an outside perspective to her boyfriend.

Vikas's mother too meets her son while he cries his heart out. Similarly, all the other inmates will see their family members entering the house tonight.

The show has a mix of celebrity and commoners locked inside the house. The show is hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. It will be interesting to see if the dynamics of the game undergo a change after the family members enter BB 11 house tonight.

Keep a box of tissues handy!