Bigg Boss 11: Is the show scripted? Bandgi Kalra answers

Bandgi told Aaj Tak that Bigg Boss isn't scripted at all. 

Bigg Boss 11: Is the show scripted? Bandgi Kalra answers
Image Courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: Bigg Boss season 11 can rightly be called the hub of controversies, all thanks to the contestants who have been actively arguing right from the first day.

This season of Bigg Boss has a lot of twists and turns. We saw Priyank Sharma getting violent inside the house owing to which he was asked to leave the show by an angered Salman Khan. Shilpa Shinde's attempt at torturing Vikas Gupta garnered a lot of attention and Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma's love angle kept raising the excitement level of the show. Contestants have time and again hurled abuses at each other which has led to some serious arguments inside the house.

Looking at all the events of the show, it is often speculated if Bigg Boss is a scripted show and the contestants are told to create a ruckus to get more TRPs.

Bandgi Kalra, who has recently been evicted from the show has answered this question. 

She told Aaj Tak that Bigg Boss isn't scripted at all. The contestants never have any contact with the makers of the show or with any person of the outside world. Bandgi said that the contestants receive no instructions from the makers of the show.

Zubair Khan was evicted from the show in the early weeks and had said that the makers of the show had been pressurising him to hurl abuses at others. 

When the publication asked Bandgi about the same, she said that Zubair was lying. She also said that the Bigg Boss house is an entirely different world and the contestants lose all contact with the outside world.

The young model also commented that the entire lifestyle of the housemates undergoes a major change upon entering the show. 

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