Sunil Grover fires back at Kapil Sharma, says 'I stayed silent to keep your dignity intact' — See post

The spat between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma is not ending anytime soon. 

Sunil Grover fires back at Kapil Sharma, says 'I stayed silent to keep your dignity intact' — See post
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Mumbai: Comedian Sunil Grover wished luck to his former 'The Kapil Sharma Show' co-star Kapil Sharma for his upcoming show despite the latter accusing him of lying. But Sunil maintains that he was not offered to be a part of Kapil's new show.

Last year, Sunil walked out of 'The Kapil Sharma Show' after Kapil allegedly verbally abused him and hit him with a shoe during a flight. Kapil, who took a break from small screen for a while, is making a comeback with 'Family Time With Kapil Sharma'.

After a fan asked Sunil about working with Kapil again, Sunil tweeted, "There are more people who asked me the same question. But I didn't get a call for this show. My phone number is the same."

On Sunday, Kapil decided to keep 'nothing personal' and reply back to Sunil in a series of tweets.

"Please don't spread rumours that I didn't call you... He is lying. I called him 100 times and sent my people to his home. Even I went to his home to meet him for the show but now I will not let anybody take advantage on my name. Enough is enough," Kapil said.

A Twitter user showed support to Kapil.

After which Kapil wrote, "Yes, I love him but sometimes it hurts a lot when you do a lot of hard work for somebody and he just wants fame in your name. Why did he choose to speak up now? A year later?"

"I don't want his support but at least he should not spread rumours. I am tired of all this."

Responding to his tweets, Sunil wrote, "Now people know the answer why I didn't join the show earlier. I am talking about 'this' show. You are bringing up an old topic." 

"I didn't speak up for one year as details about your bad behaviour would come out in the public and I wanted your dignity to stay intact. We have done very good work together.

"I referred to this show and not the previous show. And you are a better comedian. Everyone knows it. But I will still keep trying with whatever I know. Take care. There are only two kidneys and one liver. Take care of your health. Again, I will say I have not been offered for this show. Good luck for the new show. Wishes and love," Sunil signed off.

It seems like the spat between the two best comedians from television industry is not ending anytime soon. The two apparently had a fight during a flight while returning from Melbourne. Shortly after coming back, Sunil left Kapil’s show and the two have not worked together since then.

It was reported that Kapil had allegedly abused and got physical with Sunil during the altercation in the flight. Their camaraderie was much appreciated on Comedy Night with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show.

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