Travel tips: Strictly for women who love travelling!

In the post, we will share a few tips meant strictly for women.

Travel tips: Strictly for women who love travelling!
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Mumbai: Women are indeed superhumans! They manage home and work, children and family, friends and colleagues almost effortlessly. However, to break free from routine life and enjoy some good time to the fullest, a woman needs to venture out with her group of friends to explore newer avenues.

In the post, we will share a few tips meant strictly for women:

  • Prepare your itinerary well in advance. Sit down with your friends and decide where all you want to go to avoid chaos eventually.
  • Pre-book a hotel only after reading reviews about it. If the reviews aren’t satisfactory then avoid it and look for a better option.
  • Ensure you have all the girlie stuff in your check-list – like sanitary pads, intimate wash, extra inner-wears, stole, sunscreen lotion, moisturiser etc. Do not forget to put these in your bag.
  • Dress to the occasion. The kind of clothes you may opt for a trip to Goa may be unsuitable for Rajasthan or Assam. Pick up dresses that best suit the place you are about to visit.
  • Ensure all your safety gadgets are in place. Carry a pepper spray. These days a number of safety Apps and gadgets are available. They can come in handy in case of an unforeseen incident.
  • Remain alert even when you let you hair down. Yes, trips are for fun, but you need to maintain caution.
  • Avoid drinking or smoking while travelling.
  • Hire only a government authorised guide/agent for sight-seeing.
  • Do not befriend strangers until you are extremely sure about their real identity. Do not share your personal details with them.
  • Make sure you have substantial cash in hand if you have planned a trip the interiors of India. If you are visiting a town or a city, do not forget to carry your plastic money. These days you also have the option of E-Wallets.