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Tuesday, August 12, 2014 
Four more years for President Obama
Four more years for President Obama
Four more years for President Obama
Obama’s ‘four more years’ post most popular tweet
US election results 2012: As it happened
Hope Obama gives peace a chance: Imran Khan
Barack Obama’s outsourcing quandary and India
Barack Obama has been re-elected but the hype and hysteria of the moment of redemption is missing.
Barack Obama - The journey so far
Obama took the realms of Presidency at a time when the country was facing economic recession.
  Obama Vs Romney: Giving America back to Americans
The battle lines are drawn in one of the most closely fought US Presidential Elections.
How US elects its President
The system of US Presidential Election is very different from the European or the Indian one.
  Presidents who shaped US history
Here is a look at five of the most prominent US presidents.
Barack Obama re-elected
Romney concedes defeat
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opinion poll
Is Obama`s re-election justified?
Can`t say