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Tuesday, August 12, 2014 
Sikhs urge Obama to work to ensure religious freed
A Sikh advocacy group in the US has asked re-elected President Barack Obama to use his second term in office to focus more on issues related to preserving religious freedom.
Two Republicans court defeat with rape remarks
Two Republican lawmakers, who courted controversy with their provocative remarks on rape and abortion, have been defeated.
Indian-Americans say Obama victory good for India, diaspora
Indian Americans have welcomed the re-election of President Barack Obama saying his victory is good for the community and India both.
A bigger challenge awaits Obama on re-election
USA Today said that after being stymied for the last two years the "president has a chance to reach deals with (the) Republicans".
Show more bravery, Washington Post tells Obama
Now that he has won a second time, President Barack Obama needs to show "bravery" to take on issues he avoided the last time, the Washington Post said.
US media credit Obama victory to campaign strategy
American media greeted Barack Obama`s re-election as president by giving credit to his team`s campaign strategy.
Guys with `Guts` deserve hearing: Obama on girls` dating
Barack Obama said that he will give a patient hearing to any boy who has the "guts" to get through the Secret Service.
Mukherjee congratulates Obama, looks forward to cooperation
President Pranab Mukherjee Wednesday congratulated Barack Obama on his re-election to the White House
Canadian PM congratulates Obama
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Wednesday congratulated Barack Obama on winning a second term to the US presidency.
Obama’s endorsement of moderate policies led to success: NYT
President Barack Obama’s dramatic re-election victory was a strong endorsement of economic policies.
Sand sculpture on Obama victory
Odisha-based sand sculptor Sudarsan Patnaik created a 7 ft high sand sculpture of Barak Obama to celebrate his victory in the US presidential elections.
Obama: The world`s joy, Israel`s disappointment
Premier Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Obama on his victory and expressed hopes that they "will continue to work together".
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