The Week That Was - August 02

Telangana – Birth pangs of a new state

After dithering for nearly four years, the Congress and the UPA coalition on Tuesday unanimously endorsed creation of a separate Telangana state from out of Andhra Pradesh.

"It is resolved to request the Central government to make steps in accordance with the Constitution to form a separate state of Telangana ... Within a definite timeframe," said a resolution of the Congress Working Committee, the highest policy-making body of the party.

At the CWC meeting, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the decision would help the entire Andhra region.

On his part, Digvijay Singh said that the Centre will urge the Andhra Pradesh Assembly to adopt a resolution on creation of Telangana. The Assembly will have to accept or reject the resolution, Singh said, adding, however, that either way it will not be binding on the government of India.

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