Man draws human organs around potholes to 'wake up authorities'

Authorities have begun repairing potholes with increased urgency just to cover up the 'obscene' drawings.

Man draws human organs around potholes to 'wake up authorities'
Photo courtesy: Wankshy-Road Artist/Facebook

Do your city roads have way too many potholes? Does driving to work seem like an adventure quest in a minefield? If yes, you can probably take a cue from a British man who recently began drawing male organs around potholes on roads across England in a bid to get authorities to carry out repair works.

Like most countries in the world, UK roads too have their share of potholes which not only makes driving cumbersome but is also a hazard to life. Those riding two-wheelers are especially vulnerable to accidents on roads with potholes. Little wonder then that the Britisher - identified by his pen name Wanksy - decided to draw male organs around potholes to garner attention for repairs. Local media reports say that the drawings are mostly regarded obscene and inappropriate but many also feel they are necessary so that concerned authorities can immediately carry out repairs.

Those who pass my the drawings mostly agree that authorities have become more proactive in their efforts to remove the drawings by filling the potholes. Some say it is a necessary evil. Then there are others who feel there is nothing obscene about drawing a human body part. For Wanksy though, the debate appears irrelevant as long as the roads are being fixed in the process. Encouraged by the success of his 'art initiative', he has also created a page on Facebook where he posts pictures of drawings made by others with the same objective. And the community is growing - one drawing at a time.